Saturday, November 17, 2012


Several years ago I was lucky enough to take a class with
 David Walker.
(I didn't realize that he was on his last sweep of teaching and was on his way to becoming a photographer.) 

He started the Tarot themed class 
with a meditation and a lit candle!

He talked about having a quilting muse!

 He shared wonderful quilty/creative quotes including one I love till this day, "Test visual things visually." 

I can't remember all the details behind the quilt I made, 
but I was a sun symbol and I "had all the tools I would need".  
I am a Leo, so I included a key in my teeth. 
Since then, 
without conscious planning, 
the key 
has become a reoccurring symbol
 in my littlebits of fabric therapy.

My Peace Portal, created a few years after David Walker, 
with door ironically not open,
but look at the key conveniently dangling from the doorknob!

Then there is last year's 

She is so happy, because she has
the key!

This week
was wonderful!
Turns out, I am (we are) deserving of a peace filled life!
An undercurrent of peace 

I know, I have read it and said it a gazillion times.

This week, I actually felt it more than just a glimpse!!

So, I created this littlebit of fabric therapy.

It's a snowglobe.
Something we already have,
 stuck on a shelf,
collecting dust.
it's broken and unzipped.
It's time (the clock with a heart)!
There is a key!
And love (x and o Valentine confetti) is oozing out!


Speaking of love,
I LOVED teaching my first class last weekend!
Two favorite student comments:
"I think I have been liberated."
"You're groovy."

I am already on Aunt Mary's schedule for next year!

January 20th - I am going to share and encourage creation of Littlebits of Fabric Therapy!!!

What a great way to start the new year - creating art that focuses on
what you love
what makes you happy
what you want in your life

February 3rd - Spreading LOVE with fabric postcards!

I couldn't wait for Valentine's Day, 
and have made a few to mail on Monday -
 gratitude postcards!

Here's two...
"I am grateful for you, my treasure!"
for an old hippie relative whose honesty about being a recovering alcoholic 
was quite a powerful story to share with  for my teenage boys
(heard a lot louder than my words have ever been.)

AND there's one more planned class!
(perhaps one more I will share in the future.
Maybe even one more at a different quilt shop!)

March 3rd - Striped strips 
adapted from Modern Minimal by Alissa Carlton
and Quilts Made Modern by Weeks Ringle



(perhaps there's even one more that I will share in the future.
Maybe even a different class at a different quilt shop!)



I am very grateful 
for YOU!

What are you grateful for?

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I am teaching my first class at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop today and I have a little happy/content feeling in my gut that is letting me know this is a good thing for me to be doing. I am working on stepping back from the self doubt story (that I made up) that says, "Me? People are taking a class from me? People want to read my blog?
SO...imagine my delight when the most wonderful lady, Deb, who not only reads my blog, but likes it(!), made a quilt she said I inspired with my happy fabric giveaways and happy blogging thoughts! I am gleefully tickled!!! What wonderful timing! Off I go to share the happiness in person! THANK YOU!