Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Here's some pics of the latest and greatest 
from some of the classes I've taught this fall.
I am really enjoying watching the ladies
play, trust, create!

Finished Roman Stripes!
Whew! Look at all that pink!

Finished Flakes!

Scraptastic from the book Scrap Republic.

Same quilt in black and white - love the great value mix!
(the vertical line on the left is sunshine!)

More scrappy triangles rocket ships!

My very favorite moments, 
when I am teaching,
occur when the student gets in the creative flow
and confidently finds her voice.

This quilt used the scrap class and a Valori Wells pattern
as a jumping off point
into fun creativity!

Always happy Pat 
happily chugging along 
enjoying the process
one block at a time.

I like to make a little treat for each class.


"Vintage Spin" by Kathy Doughty
taught at Calico Creations.
I'll be teaching this again this winter at Aunt Mary's.

I always enjoy my classes.
The ladies are so wonderful!

I'll be teaching another Kathy Doughty pattern 
at Aunt Mary's
Saturday November 15th.
Join me?!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Judy and I were up before the crack of dawn 
to arrive on Vashon Island just after sunrise!

Not too many people who can get me motivated 
for this early of a journey...
Kaffe and Brandon
at Island Quilter!

Ladies brought
great fabric collections!

We are not "teachers",
Brandon said,
"we are encouragers".

The following are snippets of talk snatched from 
Brandon's and Kaffe's ramblings throughout the class.

We do not work to a theory...
open your self to the unexpected...

The only way you will know what works 
is if you cut it
put it up
and see 
if you have an emotional reaction to it.

Become like children,
work quickly
bypass the analytical.

People often ask us "why did you do that?"
There is no why!
It's what I felt like doing.
It's instinctive.
A gut reaction.

Every fabric is affected by what is next to it.

Be exciting!
Make it juicy!
Juzzsh it up!
Make those stars spin!
No box of cornflakes or chop suey!

Never say you are designing for that living room or bedroom.
You can repaint that bloody room!

What is the story of your quilt?
Is it a birthday party?
Is it dark and mysterious?
Keep your story rolling throughout the quilt
all the way through the border.

Here's the evolution of my 
no sew/just design 

My take away from the class was 
to think of my quilt telling a story
(ties in with what Kathy Doughty says - what do you want your quilt to say?)
Then I watched the "story" change
as I changed the fabric.

Look at the very light tree trunk slices
ringing the dark center flower on the left.

Here that same flower is ringed by darker polka dots.

On the left is the fabric Kaffe liked for the border
and on the right is the fabric Brandon liked for the border.
Two different "encouragers"
two different stories
because there are two different gut reactions!

Kaffe said my story was
"lightly bouncing".

That resonates in my soul!
It makes me excited in my gut 
to think of moving forward lightly...
in my quilt...
and through life!!!

Last thoughts from Brandon -

It's not what you do in this class
it's what you walk away with.

At the end of the day you should be happy.

Last thoughts from me -

Good friends
great shop
time in the zone.

Happy I am!

Monday, September 29, 2014


Next chapter of solo travel in France...

 I leave Honfluer 
on the west coast of France 
and take a high speed TGV  train 
into Paris' Gare St. Lazarre.
There are five train stations in Paris,
each with transportation to and from
certain regions,
so I need to get from 
Gare St. Lazarre
to Gare L'Est
so I can make my way 
east to the town of Colmar,
my base for the European Patchwork Festival.

I decided to walk between the two stations.
(Since people have asked,
I travel with a medium sized backpack
with a change of clothes for three days.
It's light enough and easy to navigate 
all the stairs, cobblestones, etc.) 

The beauty, charm, and history
often takes my breath a way!

A brief down pour.

I take refuge 
under an awning of a tea shop
for fifteen minutes.

These three French pigeons take their own refuge!

Time to keep walking.
This is the big shopping area of Lafayette.

I make it in time for my train!

I find this magazine in the newspaper stand.
I take it as confirmation that I am where I am supposed to be!
"ici and maintenant" translates to "here and now".
LOVE that!

I am up early the next morning and leave for the Patchwork festival.
Here's my hotel in Colmar.
My single room is up in the attic!

It's a taxi ride, 
to the train, 
to a bus ride,
through delightful landscape.


I get right down to business
and look through the small market first.

Liberty fabric!

Drum roll please...

The quilts are spread out through four charming towns with a free shuttle running between them.
It took me a full eight hours to make it from one end to the other.

Quilts are displayed in churches, halls, 
store fronts, community buildings.
All four towns are saturated with quilts and quilters!

These two ladies took advantage of the crowds 
and set up a lunch stand.
Look at the size of that loaf!
My sandwich and nutella muffin were delicious!

OK, back to more patchwork...
LOVE this one!

This was a group quilt.
I really enjoy quilts when the humor shines through.

Unfortunately, I start to realize I am going to run out of battery power for my camera.
I apologize for not photographing all the artist's names!

This one is for you LeeAnn!

And then my battery dies!
I spend a few minutes feeling crabby and mad at my self.
Then I let it go 
and really enjoy just looking and being in the moment with the quilts.
It becomes a nice balance 
of having camera/tourist syndrome 
and being an awake and present human!
Great show, wonderful experience, completely unique.
I just love thinking of other nutty/addicted/creative ladies
expressing themselves through patchwork!
C'est manifique