Monday, September 1, 2014


Time to travel again!
This time we are leaving the boys behind
and my husband's cousin is coming to stay with them!

This cousin sent me all her sailing tee-shirts six months a year ago
and I finally motivated to put them all together.
Unfortunately, instead of cutting the tees evenly, she haphazardly cut them.
So, I had the idea that maybe as I went around and around with strips to even them out,
I could use different colors...
and make them into a giant black and white sail boat, with light blue sky, dark blue water, and black and white boat!

Ever make a quilt that looks totally different in real life than the one in your head? Ha!
The quilt is bigger than king, 
and without space to watch the progress...
I didn't get enough contrast for the boat.
Ah well, it's (done!) super cozy with minkee backing (done!) 
and made with lots of love (done!).

Here's Krista, my fabulous way-too-cute quilter holding it up for you to see!

My love affair with Kathy Doughty continues
as I obsessively make blocks for more Vintage Spin quilts!
My excuse is that I will be teaching this class in September.
Hmm...isn't using excuses a sign of addiction!

I am also working on the haphazard quilt I found on 

LOVE it!

I have also made 
some of these fabric boxes
using the tutorial here:

I also used:
because she shows you how to hide the seams!

That's it for now...
next stop is France for a bit of rekindling the romance 
and the European Patchwork Festival!
A bientot!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014



I have been arranging workshops with some great quilters
and I have one coming up with Victoria Findlay Wolfe,
author of 15 Minutes of Play.

After the day of play,
Victoria will be giving a lecture
where she shares the details
of her "15 Minutes of Play" journey.

WHAT: A lecture by Victoria
WHEN: Tuesday November 25th
WHERE: Church of God 
8224 220th Street SW
Edmonds, WA
TIME: 6:00 - 7:15 plus questions/comments
COST: 10.00$

If you would like me to send you a ticket 
please email me for more info!

Sunday, August 10, 2014


 Busy busy these last summer days!

My youngest and I took 
our rescue Walter 
(not starving any more - even getting a slight pudge!
and trusting/loving more with each day)
on his first ferry ride to...

a quilt shop, of course!

Much to my son's amazement
I found fabric that I needed
fed the addiction!
Look how cute this line is!

And I just love me some sea glass!

But this was the piece de resistance!
It's from Timeless Treasures
by this artist - J. Wecker Frisch
I LOVE it!

I am thinking about trying a painting class, 
but for this summer, 
I have moved on from art history...
(sadly, I have taken all the art history classes available
at our local community college) drawing!

The teacher is delightful!
She promised,
 on the first day of class,
that if we tried our best and did what she said,
we would be better at the end than
where we started.

It's been quite an eye opening experience
both figuratively and literally.
Ironically, it parallels my continuing practice of being in the moment/seeing things as they really are, without a story.
Turns out I want to draw what I think I know about objects,
not what is really there.
("Aha!" she exclaimed chuckling!)

Here's three drawings...

bowling ball and wine bottle

linear perspective of the hallway

tea pot

One day after drawing,
while my youngest tried rock climbing,
I decided to walk Walter around town.
Someone set up typewriters everywhere! FUN! 
This was my favorite.

Thanks to Walter's nose,
I discovered this character hiding in a planter!

Some sewing has been squeezed in too!
Another Kathy Doughty pattern - Fractured Heart
She is my current quilt crush,
I sleep with her books under my bed!

The way to know life is to love many things - Vincent Van Gogh

...including yourself - Stephanie
   Loving yourself...does not mean being self-absorbed or narcissistic, or disregarding others. Rather it means welcoming yourself as the most honored guest in your own heart, a guest worthy of respect, a loveable companion. - Margo Anand

Monday, July 28, 2014


Oh my gosh!

What a wonderfully fun and creative weekend 
working the rebel way 
with the calm, encouraging, and funny Jamie Fingal!

"Whatever floats your boat"
was the theme of our days!

We started with some textile paint
and Jamie's fabulous stencils from

Here's mine...

Then we moved on to 
using the stenciled fabric 
in our small quilts.

No batting! (part of the rebel way)

We put misty fuse
on the back of our made fabric
then we ironed it directly onto
Nonwovens wool/felt

The simplicity of using these products
in the mechanical part of the process
allowed us to focus on what was most important -
the creative part of the process!

A HUGE shout out 
 -filled with gratitude -
 to bothMisty Fuse 
and Nonwovens
as they supplied our materials free of charge!!!

Here's everyone's together...

Here's mine
(plus my new header)...

I have been working on being in the moment,
checking in with my my self to ask,
(when I can remember) 
what would feel good right now?
how can I design my day from a place of love?
(what nourishment does my body need?)

When I woke up on Sunday morning and checked in...
the answer was -
play more with Jamie Fingal!

The second day of our workshop
was given over to Funky Folding Houses
(the rebel way again: no batting,
just using Misty Fused fabric
on top of Nonwoven's wool/felt).

Here's Jamie's...

Here's some from the class...

Here's mine...

I cannot say enough about what a wonderful weekend it was!
Perfect location,
  a happy group of kind creative ladies, 
and especially 
a most wonderful teacher!
(we even gave three cheers for Jamie at the end of class!)

Hip Hip Hooray!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Ahhh...the beach!
I think it was the most beautiful sunset 
I have ever seen!

Even Walter was unusually calm and appreciative!

in between trips to the beach
and daydreams of Paris...

I have been sewing up a storm!

It seems that I have developed 
quite a crush 
on all things Kathy Doughty!

Here's a very fun finish...
there are 24 different fabrics in each "bead".
This time I did it random and my usual hodgepodge way...
next time I might play even more within the colors.

From this book...

I saw this pattern...

and am having sew much fun!!!

I channeled Karen Stone's philosophy 
and developed a palette
starting with this Alexander Henry fabric...

which played with this goofy purchase so well!
(Sometimes even I don't know why I buy the fabrics I do!)

You make all these giant circles...
(I kept seeing what Joe Cunningham talked about -
how the color of the fabric is not really known
until it is actually in play with it's neighbor!)

I am still auditioning center fabrics.

Some old fabric, 
some new.
It is all making me positively giddy 
with excitement 
to see what happens next!

The design is also quite refreshingly different!

Trim them down to 13 1/2 inch squares.
LOVE the whole process!

It was wonderfully easy to pick the fabrics from my stash.
I am all done organizing
I will forever be tweaking the collection.
I suppose it will be part of my creative process.

I did come to the conclusion
 that I would like to
do some destashing.

The post office lady said that this box 
can be sent anywhere in the US
for 5.80$ 

So here's my destash/online garage sale idea...

I will ship you 14 fat quarters
for 30.00 (includes shipping).

Send me an email

1. stating your overall choice (I pick fabrics) -

A. cool colors (blue,green, purple)
B. warm colors (red, yellow, orange)
C. reads as black (mostly black background)
D. reads white (mostly white background) 

2. your address

I will send you my address and will ship your fat quarters once your check has cleared.

Please help me with my addiction - 
I need room for future purchases!
(I know you know of what I speak!)

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