Saturday, May 23, 2015


Another busy week! 

This week's winner is LisaMarie! 

I had yesterday off from teaching and was able 
to squeeze in some great sewing buddy time!
Nothing like sewing friend power to help you feel good.

I started a new Kathy Doughty kiss up quilt -
Uzbeck Patches from the book Making Quilts.

I am hosting Kathy the first week in July
and intend to prove my love
by showing off at least ten quilts inspired by her.
(Sorry Freddy, but Kathy is my new quilt crush!)

Here is this week's crisp summerish 
7 fat eights plus 1/2 yard giveaway...

Leave a comment sharing your 
favorite healthy (or not so healthy) summer snack,
Become a follower, or get a friend to follow for another chance.
Good luck! 
(or "viel gluck!" in German 
as my German exchange student says!)

Sunday, May 17, 2015


So sorry I am late with the winner..
I finally made the leap and got a smart phone
I think it must be broken
because the map ap kept sending me to quilt shops!

Congrats to comment #21, Margaret!

This week...
I was able to finish my Matrimony!

And settle an argument once and for all...

My boys often give me a hard time...
"you have enough quilts to reach the ceiling!"

do I?

Not quite to the top of the 9ft ceiling...
but pretty darn close!

Poor Fred!
(no part of Fred was hurt in this topple.)

The winner of last week's sweet fat eigth pack is
 Margaret #21!

This week's giveaway is 
about two yards of

Son #3 will be home next Saturday (!)
 for the long holiday weekend
and has kindly agreed to randomly pick the winner.

since green is nature...

1. leave a comment sharing 
where your all time favorite nature place is.
2. become a follower
3. get a friend to follow

Good luck!

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Hip hip hooray!
you won the first giveaway!

Giveaway #2 
theme - sweet
Thirteen fat eigths (ish)
of "sweet broderie" by lecien.

Winner will be randomly picked by son #2 next Saturday.

To win -
leave a comment about your weather,
be or become a follower,
get a friend to become a follower.
Good luck!

Monday, May 4, 2015


 I finally jumped on the band wagon
with the Matrimony pattern!
I decided to raw edge the pieces...
and am contemplating whether or not to fill in the triangle parts of the curves...

Not my usual pallette...
I am trying to channel my inner Dorothy
(a reliably sophisticated and elegant quilter!)

Going through my stash for the Matrimony pattern
I have decided to have a twelve giveaways!

Here's the first one -
FLAMINGO themed!!!

There's about 2 yards of fabric.
Here's how you can win (from any where in the world!) -

1. Leave a comment sharing what themed fabric you collect 
OR something happy
2. Become a follower
3. Get a friend to follow

Son #3 will randomly choose a winner Saturday May 9th.

Walter wishes you bon chance!

Monday, April 27, 2015


Gathering and gifting to giggling gals...



beautifully blooming bursts of joy

deliciousness in the ordinary...

creatively creating 
naturally noticing the glorious color 

learning to trust
practicing love...

reality is your perception...
life really is good.

Monday, April 13, 2015

WonderFULLy ColorFULLy Moments.!

 Camano Island Quilters just had their very nice quilt show!
Totally colorFULL!

Karen Lowry...
quilter extraordinaire!
LOVED this original design...
Karen and her 24 pound cat at the design wall.

Karen's wonky trees
that she started in a class I taught!

Yet another lonestar by Judy Irish.


The guild had an area where members were selling their stash.
who does not have enough fabric,
had a thrilling moment when
I found this happy piece!

More moments...

My husband's high school friend
sent these ties
to make into a quilt...

Walter is worried.

vintage spin?!!!

I've pieced all my stars
have a last row of a Vintage Spin...

and just because I have so much free time am crazy
I glue sticked a collage of scraps!

A collection of wonderful moments were had
in a workshop I arranged with Scott Hansen

He was a fun relaxed teacher
and all the ladies had a fabulous time
growing a forest 
one tree at a time!

I am looking forward
to more
wonderFULLy colorFULL moments!