Saturday, June 27, 2015


Whoop Whoop!
Kathy Doughty has landed!

She will be giving a trunk show at Fabric Etc. this Tuesday.
I will be posting pics of her five classes with me soon!

Here's a pillow case I made for her
with one of my all time favorite fabrics 
that says, "joie de vivre" (joy of life).

Inside the pillow case is another (!) 
fat quarter bag!

My last kiss-up-to-Kathy quilt
came back from fabulous Kwilt Queen Krista
(I am thinking to pick a binding with Kathy!)

My "Matrimony" quilt came back from Judy.

Love them both!

Chugging along on my Jen Kingwell pattern.
I have never worked so small...
a 3 1/4 inch square cut twice to make four triangles??!!
I am finding small to be very peaceful and calming.

I am auditioning some Tula Pink Moonshine for the background...
maybe a mix of both that are up there.

I am fascinated by how the colors and contrast change in each block.
It's the same pattern,
but block to block 
there is so much wonderful difference!

Last's week's giveaway winner is Quilting Tangent!

This week's giveaway is 1/2 yard cuts of 
Luella Doss' line Eyes Wyse from Free Spirit.

It's in the 90s here.
Poor Fred...
he is not moving far from the fan!

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Good Luck!


Monday, June 22, 2015


This week found me 
growing my Jen Kingwell

and auditioning background fabrics.

As school ended and free time grew a bit
I found my self in contemplation about quilting...

I have been working in a quilt shop
for a year and a half.
Many Almost every women comes in 
and says a variation of the same thing...
"I don't really need any more fabric"
"I have a huge stash I never use"

I even had a customer say...
"My stash is so big that it is easier for me to come here 
and buy new fabric to make my quilt."

At first I found this amusing.
Me too - I have a large stash.
Me too - I often find it hard to use what I have.
Me too - I probably don't "need" to buy more.

But now, a year and a half later,
I think it's a bit depressing.
What is going on with woman
that we are spending more money
on fabric we don't need?


This is why I love love love Kathy Doughty.

Her philosophy is all about USING your stash.
Perhaps you buy a new piece or two 
to enhance or "pop" the collection you already have...
but she focuses on playing with the fabrics
that you already fell in love with
and helping you figure out how to use them.

I have arranged some workshops with her!
I have been working on these workshops for almost a year
and now it's time!

I am playing in my stash
and am officially committed to using what I have.
I LOVE what I have! 
It's almost a relief to know
 I already have what I need.

I started with this delicious piece...

and auditioned him
until I saw him singing with some friends...

A scrumptious palette developed!

I tell ladies who are struggling 
to figure out what to bring to class
to fill a tub (that you can carry)
with what you love.

Here's my tub...

I am so excited to hear 
what Kathy Doughty has to say
and see my stash through her eyes!

Congrats to Sharon from
who won the last giveaway of text fabric!

This week's giveaway is
2 1/2 yards of the beginning of a quilt
you can add to from your stash!

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Sunday, June 14, 2015


Three more quilts given away this week! 
All went to teachers
who made a difference in the lives of my boys!
This one went to the a wonderful character
who retired this year.
He started each high level math classes with a bit of yoga
and shared grand tales of his colorful past.
he reached out 
to my oldest and 
made a great connection with him.

I am developing a new quilt crush
on Jen Kingwell!

Here's her book...

here's my growing palette...

Besides the color choices Jen makes,
I like the idea of working on a
a slow cooked quilt with lots of pieces.
(It's not like I need to be in a hurry to make another quilt,
do I?!) 
Many of Jen's patterns
have many, a lot , hundreds of blocks!
I made time this week
to sew with a wonderful bunch 
of happy ladies
and made these blocks...

Congratulations to Sewgirl who won the Kaffe scraps!
(Send her son
 - and Sewgirl - 
some good thoughts as he does the PCT solo!)

This week's giveaway is 7 fat quarters of fabric with text!

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Sunday, June 7, 2015


12 fabric giveaways
made me think about 12 quilt-aways.
So, this week I gave away two quilts.
Here's the one that Walter liked best.
(Given to a very kind woman
with an always friendly face and who was
full of encouraging comments 
as I started teaching on a more regular basis.)

The week was busy with 
a farewell dinner to our exchange student, 
an 8th grade band concert,
and a high school graduation.

I finally took a quick break
and treated my self to a visit to 
the LaConnor Quilt Museum.

Denise Oymama Miller (and partner Nancy Ryan)
have the upstairs exhibit
(no photos allowed)
and on the second floor
these three caught me eye...

I left thinking about 
getting into my scraps
which led to inspiration 
for this week's giveaway.

First things first...
this week's winner is...
(drum roll please)

And now for our new giveaway...
here's some of my Kaffe collection...

LOVE Kaffe!

(and Brandon!)

A one gallon bag of yummy yummy Kaffe scraps!

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 what you are hoping for this week.
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