Monday, June 22, 2015


This week found me 
growing my Jen Kingwell

and auditioning background fabrics.

As school ended and free time grew a bit
I found my self in contemplation about quilting...

I have been working in a quilt shop
for a year and a half.
Many Almost every women comes in 
and says a variation of the same thing...
"I don't really need any more fabric"
"I have a huge stash I never use"

I even had a customer say...
"My stash is so big that it is easier for me to come here 
and buy new fabric to make my quilt."

At first I found this amusing.
Me too - I have a large stash.
Me too - I often find it hard to use what I have.
Me too - I probably don't "need" to buy more.

But now, a year and a half later,
I think it's a bit depressing.
What is going on with woman
that we are spending more money
on fabric we don't need?


This is why I love love love Kathy Doughty.

Her philosophy is all about USING your stash.
Perhaps you buy a new piece or two 
to enhance or "pop" the collection you already have...
but she focuses on playing with the fabrics
that you already fell in love with
and helping you figure out how to use them.

I have arranged some workshops with her!
I have been working on these workshops for almost a year
and now it's time!

I am playing in my stash
and am officially committed to using what I have.
I LOVE what I have! 
It's almost a relief to know
 I already have what I need.

I started with this delicious piece...

and auditioned him
until I saw him singing with some friends...

A scrumptious palette developed!

I tell ladies who are struggling 
to figure out what to bring to class
to fill a tub (that you can carry)
with what you love.

Here's my tub...

I am so excited to hear 
what Kathy Doughty has to say
and see my stash through her eyes!

Congrats to Sharon from
who won the last giveaway of text fabric!

This week's giveaway is
2 1/2 yards of the beginning of a quilt
you can add to from your stash!

Leave a comment sharing what you think about 
using your stashor buying more fabric,
become a follower,
or get someone new to comment.
Good Luck! 4 giveaways left!


  1. Using my stash, giveaways help add to it. Nice purple giveaway. Following on Bloglovin'.

  2. I'm making a scrap quilt using paper pieced hexagons and I need more pokadots and purple---exactly what your giving away this week.😁

  3. This would make a perfect baby quilt just using a little sashing from my stash :)

  4. I enjoy working from my stash since it's full of fabrics I love. I make many scrappy quilts so it's great to have a variety to choose from. I can make a quilt any time (okay, many quilts) without doing any shopping. I shop anyway! I'm impressed by the variety in your fabrics -- they will lead to quilts that are super interesting to look at. And the purples in the giveaway stack are wonderful. Purple is the color most lacking in my stash. I follow your blog via GFC.

  5. After not buying any fabric for over a year due to not being able to get my sewing machine out, I have only added a bit to my stash. I did just make two baby quilts to use up some flannel I had bought over two years ago because it was on sale.

  6. I just love being able to shop my stash! As you say, I bought these fabrics cause I loved them, so time to become quilts to love!

  7. I love those colours for your giveaway!!! Last night I was looking for scraps that I could use for a quilt in progress and realized that I should organize the pieces into S, M, L bundles and maybe get rid of the ones I know in my heart I will never do anything with!! I'm also one of those who will try to find something in my stash that can be incorporated into a project before heading to my LQS... But sometimes that simply doesn't work out!

  8. This is a great idea, and I will try this method on my stash. Gotta love those purples and thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I receive your newsletter.

  9. Great inspiration Beautiful one! I love my stash, but I changed directions a year ago, generally I purchase 1/2 yd cuts for my stash (instead of 1-2 yes), if I run out of the fabric when I use it in a project, I will need to be more creative and use another fabric. I certainly have a wider variety of fabrics by purchasing only 1/2 yds.

  10. I struggle with this one as I love fabric and usually never leave a quilting store without a piece or two (quilting shops love me) but I did accumulate a stash years ago (when babies were young and time was too shot). My stash seems to be growing before my very eyes. I use from my stash and buy new to fill in and make it look exciting. In fact, I'm planning a trip to several fabric stores today as I'm short on low volume, white and beige, background prints for a quilt I'm starting. Not that I wouldn't welcome getting any other colors.

  11. As long as things stay a manageable size and there's reasonably fast turnover (a year-ish?) I'm happy. My yarn stash is more significant really.
    Love your quilt inspiration and fabric fun!

    t_ktl at

  12. I love playing with the fabrics in my stash. I have been making scrappy quilts and they are all so pretty because they were made with the fabrics that I love. Thanks for the giveaway. Following on Bloglovin.

  13. I have a growing stash, particularly batiks. While I know I have more than I "need," I've recently begun to make projects from my scraps. In fact, while I'm finishing a project, I begin to dream about & plan what I will make from my scraps. Often these become fun table toppers or runners to give away to friends. It's fun and satisfying, knowing that I won't be "stuck" with fabrics that I've gotten tired of.

  14. Oh, I'm so excited that I won the text fabrics! Yay! More goodies to add to my stash - that I do TRY to use. I can make most of my ideas just from the stash anymore, and try to only buy fabrics as needed for borders or backing. Or I do try to add to my solids, which I don't have many of. Thank you, Stephanie!!