Sunday, April 24, 2011


This morning I didn't want to get up. What if I just hide under the covers? I might have extra lazy hours as long the the power doesn't go out on the xbox! So I hid under this worn cozy quilt that lives on my bed - backed in luscious minkee with a delightfully comforting frayed bindless edge...

when I opened my hidden eyes this is what I saw


a different enLIGHTened perspective...nice!

Monday, April 18, 2011


a yummy fat quarter pack

a liberated open heart

and another open heart - to help me stay focused on my intention

to live life open to sublime possibilities

unafraid of really feeling my feelings

a raggy heart quilt for the compassionate hospice bereavement counselor who is helping me put my raggy heart back together - she shared with me today that she had another job she was miserable at and had the courage to follow her passion...oh lucky are we to have people like this in our world?

weeds or white and yellow bursts of happiness? DEPENDS ON HOW YOU LOOK AT IT

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Perception is reality

We can choose our perceptions

We can control the stories that shape our reality 

When I was a little girl, I perceived life without the help of a fully developed ability to figure out the truth of what was going on. I made up stories to cope and survive. These were mostly stories of being unlovable in a world where craziness could occur at any moment. I have carried these childhood perceptions into my adult years.

Happily, I am learning to rewrite my stories, to change my perceptions to shape a reality where I am a strong, loveable, remarkable woman leading a calm peaceFULL life that is sublime!

This is the god of abundance, Ekeko, from Peru, who reminds me to live each day from the belief that my life is already abundant...abundant with love.

Martha Beck talks about this in Finding Your Own North Star: "The information we choose to include or exclude determines whether we see our lives as a comedy, tragedy, romance, or action adventure...we can literally rewrite our life stories, so that they tell the HAPPY TRUTH, instead of the miserable truth.

You're inevitably going to 'spin' the story of your life, so you might as well spin it in a CHEERFUL direction."

This is the perceptions of my reality in an CHEERFULLY ABUNDANT direction!

With an open heart I am learning to mindfully seek the abundantly happy truth.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Last spring my ten year old son, my mom, and I spent the most wonderful week in Tokyo for the Tokyo Quilt Festival ( see my 10/18/10 post). The Japanese people were incredibly kind, polite, and patient. I am happy to be able to send three quilts for Quilters Newsletter's gathering of quilts to help provide warmth and comfort to those in need. Read more here -

Simply Snowmen

Liberated Salad  -  Hoochy Mama Style

Lemonade and Cherries (with my shadow which has been missing these last rainy days/weeks!)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011




a cute new bag with mindful reminders for my Arizona adventure

 time for a one shop hop....where I found this

and this

and these (I LOVE polka dots!) with a synchronistically appropriate pin

at this very nice and friendly quilt shop run by 3 dudes

a delightfully unexpected surprise as we wound our way through security on the way home

look what was on display!




With a day to reflect and the kids at school..voila! A "little" with cactus, the long road we travelled in a hot black Kia minivan, some red rocks, a big hole, signs to yummy resturaunts like the Brazilian steak house Fogo de Chao, In and Out burger, and Waffle House, our long lazy river pool with three innertubes for each boy, the colorful sky, and some of the funny conversations we shared.


Sunday, April 3, 2011


This spring break presented the opportunity to check off  "SEE THE GRAND CANYON" from my bucket list. Phoenix, Arizona is only a 2 1/2 hour flight from Seattle, same time zone, and most importantly sunny and warm!!

We stayed at the Grand Resort and spent most of the record breaking heat days - 100 degrees! - in the lazy river (covered in lots of sun protection since we are pale Seattlites)

two days we ventured forth for a fabulous driving adventure into the desert

Jerome - an old copper mining town

with a real cowboy named Montana Gail who helped us pan for gold

 Sedona, so I could spin in vortex energy

a groovy kaleidoscope focused on some pansies

how beautiful

and clever
the pink jeep tour was the highlight for my boys

the Red Rocks were magically stunning

the next day we found the meteor crater

and drove some more to the GRAND CANYON..oooooohhhh....ahhhhhh -CHECK!

As the itouches died and we were forced to talk, laugh, and have fun going fast with windows rolled down on our way back to Phoenix, I was overcome with gratitude for my boys, for my courage to grow with open heart, and for a life becoming more sublime with each passing day!