Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Perception is reality

We can choose our perceptions

We can control the stories that shape our reality 

When I was a little girl, I perceived life without the help of a fully developed ability to figure out the truth of what was going on. I made up stories to cope and survive. These were mostly stories of being unlovable in a world where craziness could occur at any moment. I have carried these childhood perceptions into my adult years.

Happily, I am learning to rewrite my stories, to change my perceptions to shape a reality where I am a strong, loveable, remarkable woman leading a calm peaceFULL life that is sublime!

This is the god of abundance, Ekeko, from Peru, who reminds me to live each day from the belief that my life is already abundant...abundant with love.

Martha Beck talks about this in Finding Your Own North Star: "The information we choose to include or exclude determines whether we see our lives as a comedy, tragedy, romance, or action adventure...we can literally rewrite our life stories, so that they tell the HAPPY TRUTH, instead of the miserable truth.

You're inevitably going to 'spin' the story of your life, so you might as well spin it in a CHEERFUL direction."

This is the perceptions of my reality in an CHEERFULLY ABUNDANT direction!

With an open heart I am learning to mindfully seek the abundantly happy truth.

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