Sunday, March 31, 2013


I am so very grateful to be teaching quilt classes!!!

Before my first class, 
I compiled a list of what I have enjoyed 
about my most memorable classes 
and have been trying to incorporate
these ideas.

I loved how:

- Davis Walker was so calm and often quoted
other's profound artistic and life wisdom.

- Mary Lou Weidman was happy, positive, believed that the creative process of making quilts is important, and shared funny stories.

- Freddy Moran exuded a joyful love of life and made no excuses 
for her style of making quilts.

- Gwen Marston made time to give each student some undivided attention, allowing each person to create their own way.

-Judy Irish was so very relaxed and encouraging! "If you can't see it from a galloping horse it doesn't matter." (love love her!)

- Carrol McVey (owner of Aunt Mary's) had some great classes that  
kept me coming back for more AND gave away prizes!

I've been having fun making little zipper bags, 
so these were some of my prizes. 

Deb shared her finished 
delightful bright and happy Liberated Stacked coins!

All kinds of relaxed creative fun has been happening
(oh, and quilt making too!)

and went on to start this Roman Stripe Quilt yesterday at Calico Creations!

I love this block because the possibilities are endless!!
 I first saw the block in an Amish quilt 
and since then my eye 
has been catching it in many other books and patterns.

These were my samples...

here's Sharon's

here's Cinda's

and here's Carolyn's.
LOVE these ladies!!!

At Aunt Mary's on Friday,
we were webbing...

here's Carmel's
beginning of a scrappy Halloween 

and Judy's 
Lotta Jansdotter collection not webbing

and webbing...

and here's Pam's 
cheerful 30s collection!

Always trying to balance,
my oldest and I continue to connect over food.
We trekked to Paseo's Cuban sandwich shop 
in the Fremont neighborhood.

Here's my yummy 
(but too slippery) 
chicken breast sandwich.

This was tied to the street sign a few blocks over!

Thank you!

I'll leave you with 

more yellow from Mount Vernon...

a bald eagle from Lake Goodwin...

and a baby eagle from Ebey Slough.

Eagles bring strength and courage 
reminding us to be open
to all of the glorious possibilities!

"Life is like a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!" - from the Auntie Mame movie

Let's feast!
How will you nourish your soul today?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


While my youngest was taking a pottery lesson,
 and I was in the car studying for my design class final... 
(yes, it's over tomorrow! Ten weeks, thirty classes, it was wonderful!!)
I kept getting visited by this fellow.

This morning, I found out why!

Yes, that's a MOUSE! 
He (she?) gave me such a scare I had to pull over!

This is what I found when I got home!


I suppose it really is how you choose to look at things,
I had to smile as I looked closer...
See all the pretty thread bits?!
Awww....cute little creative mouse!

The message of the mouse is to curb your fear.
Be courageous...
with determination you will find a way to your goal.

Thank you for the reminder mouse!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

THINKING (or not)

This is Fred 
(Don Frederico) 
our beloved bassett hound!

Fred is 
 in love 
(with us, no matter what)
looking for love 
(from us or any random stranger with a treat)
in the moment 
(with whatever smell is in the air)

not over thinking
story making.
Ahhhh..thank you Fred for the reminder.

"There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so."
William Shakespeare

To web...

or not to web...
a class at Aunt Mary's 
Friday March 29!

Confetti Quilt 
at Aunt Mary's
on Sunday April 14th!

Another class!!
At Aunt Mary's
on Saturday April 20th!


Scrappy Triparound
at Aunt Mary's
on Friday May 24!

I recognize 
and honor 
the wonderfulness in you!
Thanks for checking out my blog!