Monday, July 30, 2012


Summer time travels...

Perhaps it's a sign of needing a break from sewing...
when I see quilty inspiration everywhere,
even the broken TV screen at the airport!

Once in upper Michigan...
it was time for cherryade and...

cherry PIE!
(ala mode - of course!)

Cool stuff seen on a road trip to the very cute town of Glen Arbor...

After a relaxing  (and HOT) week we continued our way east!

My youngest son was nominated by his teacher to attend
a wonderful leadership camp in DC!

We spent a few days exploring the city before and after his camp.
Here's a fabulous folk art lady made of bottle caps
in the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

And a fabulously whimisical chandelier!

What a surprise to see this sidewalk art!
It covered a whole wall
and was made entirely of door knobs, door handles, and keyholes!

During the camp I took my oldest to NYC!
(my middle son went home with his dad
because all he wants is a break from brothers!)

It was a second trip to NYC with family,
but as a teen I spent five summers working
in my uncle's deli near Wall Street.
I absolutely LOVE the energy in this city!!!

We spent four glorious days
(getting along!)
and riding
the subway
from Harlem
to the Statue of Liberty
and from the High Line
to 2nd Ave
loving all the
and all the people
in the

Every single

On the last day my oldest's horoscope said,
you have spent the last few days with one who talks too much (ha!)
but you have developed great patience.

Here's some of my favorite pictures.

(LOVE Project Runway!)

Chairs with wild Betsy Johnson fabric!

Merimekko flagship store!
Freddy makes here flower collage quilts with Merimekko!

The fabric is outrageously expensive,
but I found these two in the remnant basket...

and started cutting like Freddy!
These leaves are already up on my design wall!

City Quilter...

with an exhibit of Sylvia Einstein's quilts.

We ate a lot of fantastic
Ukrainian, Italian, Persian,
organic and fresh
folded slices of drippy greasy pizza goodness,
hotdogs from the corner,
deli deliciousness,
and even the trendy noodle bar Momfuku,
but the rice pudding-only place called
Rice to Riches
was too much fun!


four favorite window displays

We've been back a day.
We are pooped, but all is well.
Here's a "little" that needed to be made this morning.
I'm looking forward to getting back in the groove
(and not feeling so hot!
one night it was 94 degrees in DC at midnight!)

Nothing left to do but smile smile smile...
What has you smiling these days?

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Judy Irish
is a most wonderful friend!
The most creative and supportive person I know!
We sew together just about every week.
She is a FABULOUS long arm quilter,
quilting for Kaffe/Liza Lucy

Here she is with one of Ferddy's latest big flower collages.

And look at this Freddy beauty!!

Now that I have wiped off the Freddy (and Judy) induced drool...
I gave the quilt above to the wonderful nurse
who coached me through a very stressful sleep study.
She wouldn't let me leave at two in the morning...
no matter how insistent I became! hee-hee
(I do believe that nurses help the world go round!)

This red and purple quilt is finally off to Krista
for some happy quilting
for a facebook friend who needs some love.

Not sure about this one.
I have that PILE of Freddy Moran fabric
(sadly, no longer available from Quilters Only - "Pure Color")
It BEGS to be used.
I was thinking BIG full size flower?
Perhaps it's just modern art! hee hee!

I do love the contrast of the center.
I am considering a stem? petals?

I spotted these yellow possibilities in my neighbor's yard.
I saw a sign in a shop that said,
"I am a possibilitarian"

In this same yellow yard was a deer!
According to
when we see a deer,
we trust that we will be lead
deeper into our spiritual knowing, and to the limitless treasure within!


 Here's one "little" from this week.

On the left,
worry, anxiety, fear, anger, and lack of worth.
These are the feelings/coping skills
that helped me survive what I thought was a life always on the verge
of falling apart.
I no longer need these guys!
Getting rid of them is not the goal.
Accepting that they will always be there,
chuckling at their presence,
allowing them to be off in the corner,
perhaps playing a game of monopoly?!

So, there I am.
On a peaceful platform.
Allowing the possibilities.
The gentle musicality of love
all around!

Two days after I saw the deer,
in my window feeder,
(need to clean the window)
were two gold finches!

According to
the meaning of the gold finch is so beautiful!

"Awakening to nature spirits, helps w/endurance in transition of physical to spiritual, aids in understanding the power of your voice and your own song. Goldfinch teaches the value and importance of changes, healthy family resolutions along with balance and harmony in dealing with people. Goldfinch will teach you to awaken to once hidden choices."

There was an urgency to make another "little"!
This time the focus was on "healthy family resolutions."
I can rewrite my story about our annual
extended family vacation that is coming up!
Look at all that glorious
A happy me
playing the music of a
new healthier story
 of joy and love and forgiveness!

What inspires you?