Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I really admire quilts with solid fabrics ala Jean Wells or Gwen Marsten, but I lose my motivation to purchase solid colored fabric when I get to the quilt shop and pull the bolt out...really? only blue? no cupcakes or lips on the WHOLE bolt? This is the closest I had come to using solids.

Ahhh! Much better! Look at those cute little dots...on solid fabric!

BUT...I do enjoy the crispness of those allwhite quilts with tiny square(s) of color...SO...
 I again found myself fondling a bolt of solid colored fabric and ending up getting 6 yards of...

Sortofsolid? Under those cute Timeless Treasures Dogs it's all white, right? I guess I give up on solids (for this quilt).

I did try for the same style though. A lot of of sortofsolid with smaller geometric shapes of different fabric. This is a larger than king size that will be quilted with a luscious navy blue minkee back per my youngest's request.

Making this quilt with a lot of one sortofsolid fabric was not getting my creative juices sloshing this week. 
A while back, Em at mentioned Diane Hire and Diane's love of playing with fabrics and after reading Em's blog,  I pulled out Diane's book from my shelf, but never opened it...until last week.


with these old impulsively bought fat quarter Jan Mullen stripes from her Beez, Bugz, and Butterfliez line, I began playing.



panicking...WHY DID I ONLY BUY ONE FAT QUARTER PACK? (No, more does not seem to be available.) breathe...deep breathing ensued...

Add the dots? No, too...something...

More playing...I like it! And again...frustration at only having a few fat quarters...breathing...more playing...

so much joyfully happy playing going on...not with solids (this time)...but a valuable lesson revisited.

When I didn't force the project (you MUST play with solids), slowed down to listen, my creative juices raneth over!

I am currently reading:

And thinking a lot about approaching life from a place of love...actually radiating love...ahhhh....

radiating love...nice!


Friday, August 19, 2011


CONGRATS to Flavia Luciano who won my first giveaway! I just checked out her blog and WOW! she is quite the sophisticated fiber artist! I encourage you to check her out! Here's a fancy quote about her creative process:

The rhythm of repetition and variation that ensues induces a meditative, labour intensive state in which pattern and image become both symbolic language and structure.

Read more:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sometimes I really enjoy large swaths of favorite fabrics sewn together in a mish mash way

like this hoppy frog quilt

and this bright and happy quilt I made for me with my then all time favorites - pure color by Freddy Moran, chickens, and the fresh paint line.

This past week I worked on a sweet pink quilt with a Mary Lou style cow (don't forget to leave a comment on the last posting to win some Mary Lou fabric) for my niece Sarah. It's a no stress and fun way to piece and enjoy large chunks of favorite fabric! Time to start on a quilt for Sarah's sister who likes purple...hmmm....

Friday, August 12, 2011


I LOVE Mary Lou Weidman!!!
You can check out her blog here
Her story quilts are always a happy explosion of riotous color that leave me feeling wonderfully inspired!
I've blogged about her before and even posted about the friendly competition my friend Sue and I have to be her #1 fan. So, in hopes of keeping my lead, and giving a shout out to Mary Lou and her FABULOUS new book:

I have decided to have my first giveaway!!! Leave a comment about why you love Mary Lou OR another quilter that leaves you feeling particularly happily inspired and I will randomly choose a winner next Friday to receive the following Mary Lou themed prize:

A Mary Lou booklet

A collection of buttons (Mary Lou loves buttons)

NINE Mary Lou designed fat quarters!!!!

I am looking forward to your comments! Good luck!

Friday, August 5, 2011


More years ago than I care to admit, I taught a group of fabulous seventh and eigth grade kids from the inner city of Chicago. Last year, through Facebook, I was able to get reaquainted with some of them. Last week I had the opportunity to meet up with several of them and WOW, I was pleasantly delighted to see how happy and successFULL they were. 

Little by little I have been sending quilts to them and/or their children. Here's three I sent off to a wonderful gentlemen with the sweetest soul (and greatest laugh) who became a Chicago police officer, found true love with a twinkly eyed lady, and has two great kids with one on the way.

pink for the daughter

turtles representing long life for the baby

robot theme for the son