Friday, August 12, 2011


I LOVE Mary Lou Weidman!!!
You can check out her blog here
Her story quilts are always a happy explosion of riotous color that leave me feeling wonderfully inspired!
I've blogged about her before and even posted about the friendly competition my friend Sue and I have to be her #1 fan. So, in hopes of keeping my lead, and giving a shout out to Mary Lou and her FABULOUS new book:

I have decided to have my first giveaway!!! Leave a comment about why you love Mary Lou OR another quilter that leaves you feeling particularly happily inspired and I will randomly choose a winner next Friday to receive the following Mary Lou themed prize:

A Mary Lou booklet

A collection of buttons (Mary Lou loves buttons)

NINE Mary Lou designed fat quarters!!!!

I am looking forward to your comments! Good luck!


  1. I think what I love about Mary Lou is her as a person. I've never known anyone who finds so much joy in everything around her. Family, friends, sunsets, her flowers & even snow! You name it, she finds joy in it! No matter what kind of day I'm having once I go to Mary Lou's blog I will be riding the "Magic Carpet" in "Mary Louland".

  2. I think Sharon hit the nail on the head when she said that Mary Lou finds so much joy in everything around her. Not only is she creative, but she is loving and thoughtful and kind. I took a couple classes from her and speak from experience. When I read her blog I am often touched by her words.

  3. Hey this is awesome Step, so nice of you and so much fun to see the stuff you are giving away! Love the photos on your blog dear!

  4. I have to admit I don't know much about Mary Lou Weidman but she sounds like my kind of person. I love fun, bright, enthusias. I'm going straight to her blog!

  5. Mary Lou is the bomb! Although I have never met her, I find inspiration in her books and blog, in fact I just received her new book, and see a cow quilt on my horizon, someplace. :)

  6. The comments about her are right on. Thanks.

  7. So many amazing and inspiring people, I have only recently discovered Mary Lou and am totally fascinated by her style, but love the art element. If only we had 48 hours in a day :)