Monday, January 25, 2016


I spontaneously decided
to stop wishing
and just do it...
I took my cute self
down to the Road to California Quilt Show!

First thing I saw when I entered 
was an exhibit of quilts
made using Laura Heine's patterns.

Then I got lost
in the wonderfully colorful
creativity that was...

Best in show,
that everyone was talking about,
looked so real you felt you could grab a pillow!
(Lots of paint...

More of what mere mortals made...

My favorites...

Possibly the ugliest thing seen...

Funniest things seen...

of course,
LOTS of new lusciousness seen
(and rescued).

Yummiest thing tasted...

Best feeling had...

in the glorious sunshine
and gentle So Cal air
after a wonderful adventure!

Which quilt was your favorite?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I've had this clipping from some magazine for years.

I am really enjoying using some of my 

Linking up with Lee at 
grab a cuppa tea 
and enjoy what other creative spirits are up to this week!

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Two weeks before winter break
I set my intention to see the Aurora Borealis
and amazingly (of course!) everything fell into place!

We had an incredible visit to the 
Enodah Wilderness Lodge in Yellowknife, Canada

From Yellowknife,
after you put on the rented Artic clothing,
you drive in a bus about a half hour outside town
then you get in a crazy Hagglund,
a Swedish military vehicle,
and ride about 45 more minutes.

Despite frigid temperatures (around -23)
we went snowmobiling,
snowshoeing, dog sledding, and even ice fishing!
My ever-so-manly husband caught two!

Into the darkest of darkness on winter solstice
to see the light!

Unbelievably amazing!
I was in total awe!

There was a quilt shop in Yellowknife called 
The Quilted Raven.

That's a felted raven that lives by the register
next to some Aurora Borealis fabric.

Home has been chillier than normal with a bit of snow!
(Although, after Yellowknife a positive
23 feels quite balmy!)

This is my sewing view...

I've been doing a new years purge
of fabric and projects.
I sifted through a shelf of UFOs
and finished a few
and donated the rest.

Here's an odd one...

and a hint of my giant Vintage Spin from Kathy's class this summer!

Look what's going on the back...

I turned a stray place mat into a cute bag for me...

I found this pattern to be a bit addicting...

I think I'll use them as presents in the next workshop -
Tonye Belinda Phillips!

And finally finished 
hand quilting this piece 
started with Freddy years ago...

Wishing you much...