Tuesday, March 25, 2014


These past few years 
I have been doing a lot 
of practicing on 
enjoying opportunities/
not being afraid
and I find that there has been
a major shift 
in how I define
"doing life".

"doing life"
for me,
getting still
checking in to ask
what do I get to do?
what will align with my purpose?
what do I really want in this moment?
what would be fun and create joy?

I practice
not taking "doing life" too seriously.

I have been teaching a fair amount of classes
and I feel so happy
planning/teaching/thinking about
these classes!

Here's a peak at some recent student creativity...

Jan Mullen's fishez, leavez, and daisiez

Another "Lattice" from the book Colorific

Jan Mullen's Catz
This lady was crazy creative!

Once a week I have been finding joy
while working in Calico Creations quilt shop.
I have progressed from getting no fabric to
getting a ridiculous amount of fabric to
now  where I get some fabric and
I bring my own fabric to play with
when business is slow.

Since the slow time
never lasts too long
I decided to just do some cutting
2 1/2 inch strips
and 6 inch squares.

Here's some of my favorites...

Then I saw this quilt by Freddy Moran
just off the long arm at Judy's
and now my 6" squares are being divided into 3" squares!

I have also been happily stripping!
Square style...

and diamond style!

"doing life"
doesn't mean perfect
or without hardship
ahhh...what a relief!

I'll end with pure joy...
our new rescue,

Friday, March 14, 2014


Oh my gosh!
What fun!
Quilter's Anonymous Quilt Show!
Here's some of my favorites...

My "Wild Women Don't Get the Blues"

On the right is my "Domesticality"

VERY cute vendor!

And this UNBELIEVABLE teeny tiny quilt.
( As part of my guild volunteer hours,
I was on quilt patrol for a few hours
and everyone was compelled to touch this one...
it is totally flat!)

  My "Unfurling"

I'll end with the quilt 
that was so clever 
it made me laugh out loud!

The quilter had the challenge of using a song title.
Her title was, "A Room Full of Roses"