Friday, March 14, 2014


Oh my gosh!
What fun!
Quilter's Anonymous Quilt Show!
Here's some of my favorites...

My "Wild Women Don't Get the Blues"

On the right is my "Domesticality"

VERY cute vendor!

And this UNBELIEVABLE teeny tiny quilt.
( As part of my guild volunteer hours,
I was on quilt patrol for a few hours
and everyone was compelled to touch this one...
it is totally flat!)

  My "Unfurling"

I'll end with the quilt 
that was so clever 
it made me laugh out loud!

The quilter had the challenge of using a song title.
Her title was, "A Room Full of Roses"


  1. Thanks for taking us along to the quilt show - fabulous & fun quilts!!!

  2. What a great show of the show! I went yesterday. Your quilts popped out like a breath of fresh air and fun. Thank you for including them.