Tuesday, March 25, 2014


These past few years 
I have been doing a lot 
of practicing on 
enjoying opportunities/
not being afraid
and I find that there has been
a major shift 
in how I define
"doing life".

"doing life"
for me,
getting still
checking in to ask
what do I get to do?
what will align with my purpose?
what do I really want in this moment?
what would be fun and create joy?

I practice
not taking "doing life" too seriously.

I have been teaching a fair amount of classes
and I feel so happy
planning/teaching/thinking about
these classes!

Here's a peak at some recent student creativity...

Jan Mullen's fishez, leavez, and daisiez

Another "Lattice" from the book Colorific

Jan Mullen's Catz
This lady was crazy creative!

Once a week I have been finding joy
while working in Calico Creations quilt shop.
I have progressed from getting no fabric to
getting a ridiculous amount of fabric to
now  where I get some fabric and
I bring my own fabric to play with
when business is slow.

Since the slow time
never lasts too long
I decided to just do some cutting
2 1/2 inch strips
and 6 inch squares.

Here's some of my favorites...

Then I saw this quilt by Freddy Moran
just off the long arm at Judy's
and now my 6" squares are being divided into 3" squares!

I have also been happily stripping!
Square style...

and diamond style!

"doing life"
doesn't mean perfect
or without hardship
ahhh...what a relief!

I'll end with pure joy...
our new rescue,


  1. thanks for the peek into these wonderful creations; I have been on a quilting "diet" for a while now; am waiting to see what I REALLY want to do next. Time out just feels right, right now. Loving your vibrant square strips...I have always called that pattern the "eye of God"--it "feels" right...hugs, Julierose

  2. glad you're having fun. love the string bits! lots of love to Walter -smooches new puppy!

  3. Beautiful post, Stephanie! You're always inspiring. Oh! your new little friend is SO cute! Hope adjustment is going well for him.