Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I really admire quilts with solid fabrics ala Jean Wells or Gwen Marsten, but I lose my motivation to purchase solid colored fabric when I get to the quilt shop and pull the bolt out...really? only blue? no cupcakes or lips on the WHOLE bolt? This is the closest I had come to using solids.

Ahhh! Much better! Look at those cute little dots...on solid fabric!

BUT...I do enjoy the crispness of those allwhite quilts with tiny square(s) of color...SO...
 I again found myself fondling a bolt of solid colored fabric and ending up getting 6 yards of...

Sortofsolid? Under those cute Timeless Treasures Dogs it's all white, right? I guess I give up on solids (for this quilt).

I did try for the same style though. A lot of of sortofsolid with smaller geometric shapes of different fabric. This is a larger than king size that will be quilted with a luscious navy blue minkee back per my youngest's request.

Making this quilt with a lot of one sortofsolid fabric was not getting my creative juices sloshing this week. 
A while back, Em at mentioned Diane Hire and Diane's love of playing with fabrics and after reading Em's blog,  I pulled out Diane's book from my shelf, but never opened it...until last week.


with these old impulsively bought fat quarter Jan Mullen stripes from her Beez, Bugz, and Butterfliez line, I began playing.



panicking...WHY DID I ONLY BUY ONE FAT QUARTER PACK? (No, more does not seem to be available.) breathe...deep breathing ensued...

Add the dots? No, too...something...

More playing...I like it! And again...frustration at only having a few fat quarters...breathing...more playing...

so much joyfully happy playing going on...not with solids (this time)...but a valuable lesson revisited.

When I didn't force the project (you MUST play with solids), slowed down to listen, my creative juices raneth over!

I am currently reading:

And thinking a lot about approaching life from a place of love...actually radiating love...ahhhh....

radiating love...nice!



  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmm, thoughtful post! Love that first quilt of (dotted) solids♥ I, too, bought the dog fabric--it was too sweet to resist but not sure what I'll ever do with it.
    Radiating love--it's the perfect name. what about a circular mug rug? then you can radiate love every morning!

  2. Stephanie, Amazing blog post! I fell in love with your blog months ago for the range of thoughts and heart within each post and this RADIATES the fun and zest once again! Can't wait to see how you Hire piece ends up!!

  3. Yes I totally get are amazing!! Thanks for sharing with us!!