Sunday, September 4, 2011


Mug rugss seem to be all the rage.
More accurately, have been the rage... a rage I just bumped into this week when I discovered
And then, synchronistically, an encouraging comment left by Duff from the always clever

Almost instant gratification.

A nice break from long term quilt projects and perfect for...

outdoor sewing!!!

On one side - Jan Mullen scraps from Beez, Bugz, Butterfliez (none of which showed up to sew)

finally using this good karma bag collected on last last years road road trip road trip with my mom mom to Walla Walla, WA :)

ended up with this on the other side:

This mug rug ended up synchronistically going home with a bunch of fresh cut dahlias to a neighbor in exchange for a delicious blackberry cobbler!

With one mug rug gone, more were needed.

Last of these yummy Flea Market Fancy scraps with a dab of button love
continuing the outdoor sewing theme
this time in...

the tree house!!!

It is a magical place to sew...hoping for more great weather


  1. connecting creativity with nature (source)-- i can only imagine the "piece"!

  2. I envy your outdoor sewing space. Great inspiration! Here's a link to my friend Pam's blog. Check out this quilt she made last year. She also made mug rugs using the same technique! Happy sewing!

  3. Oh yes what a magical place to be with Stepanie!!

  4. Treehouse, Fantastic. I always tell my little guy I want a treehouse to sew in, he gets a good giggle every time. Can't wait to show him the pics.