Wednesday, September 28, 2011


For eleven years I have passed the same dilapidated little house on tiny Lake Loma several times each day while chauferring my sons. 
It was recently for sale and the new owners have worked a miracle! 
What a treat to drive by such a tidy, cute, charming beach cottage complete with whimsical garden decorations and a swing on the beach!

The other day, I noticed a Viet Nam veteran sticker on the back of the new owner's pick up truck.
Lots of thoughts in my mind about this house and how it represents a wonderful possibility for healing.
My dad, a career army guy, went to Viet Nam twice and I have a few clear memories of him/us not be treated so well when he was in uniform during the late sixties and early seventies. He didn't adapt well to civilian life after retirement, hence the origin of some of my unhealthy life coping skills.
Healing...the house, the couple, me...
An idea for a quilt...

I find this piece in my stash.
Red, white, and blue!

I find a kindofsolid at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop - white with white stars.
I think about Dian Hire and all the quilts with solids that I admire and playfully float some red and blue pieces.

I find this piece and know it was meant to be because I have just enough!

I think about how I forgive my dad. He was doing the best he could with the skills he had.
I think about the new owners of the charming cottage I love to pass every day and hope they like their new quilt.

I think about me and how I continue to work on cultivating mindfullness and embrace the possibilities.

 I am grateful for yet another opportunity to heal and bloom.

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  1. I am so grateful for you. You are like a shining star leading me on! Thanks for sharing!!