Sunday, September 18, 2011


Favorite fabrics...hmmm.... and are having fun encouraging postings of best loved fabric.

Here are mine...

Of course, I LOVE all Kaffe, but my favorites are paperweight and millefiore!

Unfortunately, I fell in love with Heather Ross too late...this still makes me sigh forlornly when I think of all her bolts just sitting there at the quilt I walked by...oh well...I have a yard of each of the camper colors, so if you would like to trade a half yard let me know...

and Jennifer Sampou's Color Rhthym...ahhhh....the most wonderful fabric line...great colors...with light, medium, and dark all in one piece...YUM!!!!

I don't even know who this is, but I only have a little bit left since I have used it in many of my quilts. 

My all time fav favorite is...
drum roll please...

this piece.
I have never known the name.
Some kind gal gave me a smidge in a class and then I found a fat quarter...and...I only have a six by three inch piece left.
Why do I love it so??
Dots, of course.
Dots in dots, better.
All those colors AND black and white, the best!



  1. Stephanie I love your choices! Of course, Kaffe is always great with everything...he seems to know what he is doing! I adore Heather Ross and am green with envy over your bits! I don't have nearly that amount. Great fabrics...thanks for sharing! And by the way, as I am typing this the picture of chocolate cake in the sidebar is giving me such a hunger...I can't tell you how much I wish I could just reach in the computer and pop that in my mouth!!! hee hee!

  2. Heather Ross- I've never owned any of those cute little gnomes! And you can't go past Kaffe, can you! Great fabrics - thanks for sharing and coming to our little party! It was fun!

  3. What fabulous favourites!! I love your dots in dots! I've never seen that anywhere, I hope you find more. Heather Ross fabrics are so sweet, they always make you smile.

  4. I love the paperweight as we;;, :) go figure...