Thursday, July 12, 2012


Judy Irish
is a most wonderful friend!
The most creative and supportive person I know!
We sew together just about every week.
She is a FABULOUS long arm quilter,
quilting for Kaffe/Liza Lucy

Here she is with one of Ferddy's latest big flower collages.

And look at this Freddy beauty!!

Now that I have wiped off the Freddy (and Judy) induced drool...
I gave the quilt above to the wonderful nurse
who coached me through a very stressful sleep study.
She wouldn't let me leave at two in the morning...
no matter how insistent I became! hee-hee
(I do believe that nurses help the world go round!)

This red and purple quilt is finally off to Krista
for some happy quilting
for a facebook friend who needs some love.

Not sure about this one.
I have that PILE of Freddy Moran fabric
(sadly, no longer available from Quilters Only - "Pure Color")
It BEGS to be used.
I was thinking BIG full size flower?
Perhaps it's just modern art! hee hee!

I do love the contrast of the center.
I am considering a stem? petals?

I spotted these yellow possibilities in my neighbor's yard.
I saw a sign in a shop that said,
"I am a possibilitarian"

In this same yellow yard was a deer!
According to
when we see a deer,
we trust that we will be lead
deeper into our spiritual knowing, and to the limitless treasure within!


 Here's one "little" from this week.

On the left,
worry, anxiety, fear, anger, and lack of worth.
These are the feelings/coping skills
that helped me survive what I thought was a life always on the verge
of falling apart.
I no longer need these guys!
Getting rid of them is not the goal.
Accepting that they will always be there,
chuckling at their presence,
allowing them to be off in the corner,
perhaps playing a game of monopoly?!

So, there I am.
On a peaceful platform.
Allowing the possibilities.
The gentle musicality of love
all around!

Two days after I saw the deer,
in my window feeder,
(need to clean the window)
were two gold finches!

According to
the meaning of the gold finch is so beautiful!

"Awakening to nature spirits, helps w/endurance in transition of physical to spiritual, aids in understanding the power of your voice and your own song. Goldfinch teaches the value and importance of changes, healthy family resolutions along with balance and harmony in dealing with people. Goldfinch will teach you to awaken to once hidden choices."

There was an urgency to make another "little"!
This time the focus was on "healthy family resolutions."
I can rewrite my story about our annual
extended family vacation that is coming up!
Look at all that glorious
A happy me
playing the music of a
new healthier story
 of joy and love and forgiveness!

What inspires you?


  1. What inspires me? MOre like Who...YOU! You always have an upbeat attitude and see the beauty in things that others pass by....nature sings to you in so many ways, like color and speak lovingly of your kids and enjoy your time with give freely of yourself and shower others with the thoughtfulness of an old friend :O) So, yes, YOU inspire me!!

  2. I agree Judy is THE BEST and as you know, I'm a big Freddy fan too! Whenever I need a new project, I haul out Freddy's books. Sounds like your summer is busy, say hi to Judy this week when you sew. I found some more skull fabric today, hmmmm????

  3. This is such a celebration and inspirational post! U r such a giving woman.

  4. This is such a celebration and inspirational post! U r such a giving woman.