Saturday, June 27, 2015


Whoop Whoop!
Kathy Doughty has landed!

She will be giving a trunk show at Fabric Etc. this Tuesday.
I will be posting pics of her five classes with me soon!

Here's a pillow case I made for her
with one of my all time favorite fabrics 
that says, "joie de vivre" (joy of life).

Inside the pillow case is another (!) 
fat quarter bag!

My last kiss-up-to-Kathy quilt
came back from fabulous Kwilt Queen Krista
(I am thinking to pick a binding with Kathy!)

My "Matrimony" quilt came back from Judy.

Love them both!

Chugging along on my Jen Kingwell pattern.
I have never worked so small...
a 3 1/4 inch square cut twice to make four triangles??!!
I am finding small to be very peaceful and calming.

I am auditioning some Tula Pink Moonshine for the background...
maybe a mix of both that are up there.

I am fascinated by how the colors and contrast change in each block.
It's the same pattern,
but block to block 
there is so much wonderful difference!

Last's week's giveaway winner is Quilting Tangent!

This week's giveaway is 1/2 yard cuts of 
Luella Doss' line Eyes Wyse from Free Spirit.

It's in the 90s here.
Poor Fred...
he is not moving far from the fan!

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Good Luck!



  1. Awwww.. Fred looks wiped out by the heat... Poor guy! We have enjoyed some nice warm days and I'm loving spending time outside😉 only the black flies, mosquitoes, and no-see-umms chase me back inside because they can be relentless!!

  2. I follow via Bloglovin... Thanks for a chance to win this selection of far out fabric😉

  3. Enjoying the same weather as you Beautiful One! It's hot, Fred should have some ice cream, Walter too.

  4. It's hitting 100 here in Montana this weekend....and most houses have no AC...Fred and I have a lot in common these days! That and the good Southern cure-all...sweet iced tea.

  5. Fred looks like I do on hot days, just can't take the heat. It's been in the high 80's here but as luck would have it a cold front is sweeping down and it's going to cool off to the low 60's tonight. That's close enough to the 50's to sleep with the windows open tonight. Very happy about the weather here, at least for one or two days Rina

  6. Those giveaway fabrics would make a great surprise lining for a pouch or bag -- it could be mild mannered on the outside, but wild and crazy on the inside!

  7. Yes Mam, I follow you on Bloglovin.....and I'm from Texas, so yep it's in the 90's and HUMID !

  8. Cooler here (UK) today with some welcome rain this morning!

  9. We had a little drizzle last night, but it didn't seem to make anything cooler. I'm grateful for cool nights though!

  10. Follow on Bloglovin. Thanks for the giveaway:) It is in the high 90's here in Georgia.

  11. My pug doesn't do well in the heat, she stands by the freezer door and begs for ice cubes. See if Fred would enjoy ice cubes, might help him cool off.

  12. Bismarck ND is seeing daytime highs in the mid 80s and some evening rains . Can't complain as it's not snowing outside anymore. Sadly no apple crop this year due to the killing frost on Mother's Day when the trees were in full bloom; no fresh homemade apple pies, no fresh homemade apple sauce, and no apple wine this year. Not sure which one I'm more sad about!! Think I'll go sew to cheer myself up.

  13. I feel like Fred this week. But we are, this evening, getting a promise of a bit of much needed rain!!

    t_ktl at

  14. My weather is rain and more rain, which is causing some flooding. I am a follower via email. dawnm1993(at)gmail(dot)com

  15. It was 35 degrees C here on both Saturday and Sunday - about 95 F. Too hot! Thanks!

    Please click on the delaineelliott above for my email link.

  16. It's nice and toasty warm here in we have had TONS of rain/ 5 - 7 mile walks with Miss Schatzi (our German Shepherd) have been moved to as late in the day as possible (she has an all black coat that soaks in the sun)...days are spent in the sewing studio with the air conditioning keeping us nice and cool!

  17. Love the quilt! Great colors! I'm in northern California and it's been hot! All this week we are having above 100 degree temperatures. Thank goodness for the a/c or I'm a grouchy girl, hehe.

    Awesome giveaway! Beautiful fabrics!


  18. Greetings from WA state! 89-90 degrees and no rain or relief in sight! My tomato plants love the heat!
    bloglovin follower: Nicole Sender

  19. 90s here - HOT, and the AC died night before last. Thankfully the AC guy came out this morning (on a Saturday holiday - yay - there's a reason we keep using him!!) and fixed it. So, we're enjoying the cool inside right now.

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