Wednesday, June 19, 2013


WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
I am really loving the process of creating this quilt
I started in a Karen Stone class in Sisters, OR.
She called the pattern,
Wild Women Don't Get the Blues.
Must be why I have been feeling so crazy happy lately!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


I had the most wonderful opportunity to spend two days with Loretta Bennett 
from Gees Bend!
Judy and I took her to LaConnor on Friday
and on Saturday we gathered 
at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop 
for time spent...
totally at ease
without worry
getting in the zone
creatively sewing
and being inspired
by ancestral influence
and the fabulous Loretta!!!

It was a powerful start 
with video and 
song from Gees Bend.
Plus LOTS of pinching to make sure I wan't dreaming!

The day was FULL!
Enjoy some highlights!

Loretta shared some pieces she had been working on...

 and how to rip jeans apart...

and signed a bunch of books.

She also gathered one strip from each of us 
and started sewing! watch the creative process was 
delightfully magical!

Here are some of our blocks with what Loretta stitched.
Our plan is to have one big wonderful quilt!

a smile
and gratitude!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


In between my oldest's graduation from high school 
end of school year concerts 
and craziness, 
and visitng in-laws, 
I managed to squeeze in 
some much needed me time!

I was leader of fun
at a very creative pin cushion party
at Aunt Mary's!

Everyone got one of these cute fabric baskets
I made from this tutorial
( I love the fortune cookie fortune, "Expect great things today")

Here's our end of class pin cushion parade!

Virginia's too cute flower...

and creatively improvised wrap around wrist cat...

Kim's delightfully whimisical little monster...

Carmel and Alex's clever creations...

and Katie's Vodou doll and monster 
with Carmel's Vodou doll and fried egg! 

If you notice, 
the pins in the cushions 
have shrinky dink bits on them!
Here's my crumby toaster oven
with angry eyes!

After class, I noticed these wonderful wildflowers....
great color combos!

I took a doodle
 fusing class
with Laura Wasilowski 
at Quiltworks Northwest.
(She's the Dean of Corrections at the Chicago School of Fusing!)

We were given two pieces of Laura's hand dyes
and this fabric choice of lights and darks
and true colors (light givers Mary Lou style)
was a recipe for sucess!

Here's fun and super calm Laura explaining her 
fusing design process
and a little bit about her stitching.
Here's a link to her blog

These are her leftover bit creations.

Here's a quilt made by a worker who took Laura's class before...

                      Here's a bunch of Laura's quilts that are for sale...

and here's some of the class's creations...

and here's mine...
a dandelion for possibility
 and the words
on the stem.
I am working on trusting...

everything is as it is meant to be
the universe has our backs
look for the angels