Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Following my passion

Here I go!

Self help quotes are jamming my thoughts, but the loudest one seems to be the saying that points out all journies are taken one step at a time.

DRUM ROLL please.......step one.........

START A BLOG to help promote my new business of selling my quilts.

QUILTS? Ten years ago this month, we moved our family ( then - one husband, two boys, one dog, and one fish. Now - three boys, two dogs, two fish, a hamster, and a lizard) to the Seattle area from Chicago.  While it doesn't rain as much as everyone said it would, we did seem to have more gray days than my sprirt could handle positively.

SO? How could I get more color in my life?

QUILT! Luckily, Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop had recently opened and with the help and support of some great people,  I fell into the fabulous hobby of laughing with happy positive ladies - I mean making quilts to wrap my family/friends in love.

23 QUILTS IN MY LIVING ROOM! I do believe that it is quite possible that every member of my family has enough quilts. What is the definition of "enough"? According to Webster it is "an adequate quantity". If I have 5 people in my family and there are 23 quilts on our couch, then I think we probably have enough. Doubts?

19 QUILTS IN OUR BEDROOMS! I just counted the number in our bedrooms. Here is the tally - Andrew 3, Charles 7, William 5, and our bed has 4.          23 + 19 =42 quilts

17 QUILTS NOT COUNTED YET! Then there is the pile of holiday themed quilts rolled on a shelf in the laundry room  - 8. And the 9 quilts that decorate our walls.   42 +17 = 59

59 is ENOUGH! So, a few months ago, my son Andrew, with all his 15 year old attitude/wisdom pointed out that we had "enough" quilts and that I should start a business. So, I made a list and have been chickenly mulling over the list.

STEP ONE! Today, with this blog, my first step has been taken. I am setting my intention to follow my passion, trust my gut, and focus only on one step at a time.

CREATE FROM THE HEART - Last weekend, my dear friend Sue and I went to a class with Janet Bolton at the Stichin Post in Sisters, OR. Janet was talking about her years in art school in England during the 60s. She shared a fabulous story about her friend who had to pick up Picasso at the train station. He was so nervous, he didn't know what to say to Picasso. With all the stress he blurted out, "I paint!" to which Picasso replied, "I paint too." He couldn't believe he had said something so stupid and in a valiant attempt to redeem himself, he asked Picasso how he would know if his art was any good. Picasso said, "Does it come from the gut? Then it is good."   Great story?!

Janet signed my copy of her book, "Follow your own star."


                *******Stay tuned for the official opening of my shop on Etsy *******


  1. Stephanie, so glad you are a blogger and I am your first commenter! Please give us loads of photos and details about Janet Bolton!!!!

  2. You are most delightful!! How did I get so lucky to have you as a bosom buddy. My life has been forever changed to the positive because of our friendship and sisterhood!! I love you dearly!!!