Thursday, May 16, 2013


 I am sooo excited 
to be participating in the 
Blogger's Quilt Festival!

My entry started as a challenge.
Could I use small bits 
of every piece 
of my novelty print collection of ladies and girl stuff 
all in one quilt?

YES! I could...
AND I could add all kinds of 
other novelty prints that represented 
different parts of my day/life as mom, wife, woman.

I am in  love with the result!
"Domestic Bliss "

As a mom of three teenage boys,
life has been FULL and BUSY!
I really really enjoyed 
discovering ALL I do
represented in my fabric.

My dear friend Judy Irish quilted it...
notice the delightful
"Stephie heart Jim".

491/2 x 50ish
a little wonky, just like me

Let me know what your favorite fabric is.
I am partial to the piece that says, "I just peed and pood".
(You have to develop a keen sense 
of bathroom humor with three boys!)

Don't forget to treat your self...
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  1. You have THE BEST fabric collection! So cool!!

  2. Great work!!! Love this so much and so impressed with all the fabric that you put together!

  3. I have the front door fabric, cute. But I think my favorite is the lady in curlers headed into the bathroom with her stockings. And yea, my boys went through that "phase", actually I'm not sure they never outgrow it. They thought it was funny to buy a gas mask from surplus desert storm internet sales to take to scout camp. But they will be marrying soon. You need to teach them when NOT to do that stuff. Fun quilt.

  4. Wow! I could stare at this for hours!! Great job.

  5. Steph Just for fun, take a picture of your stash, I bet it has it's own room. You creative juices never seem to end. I like the pee and pood fabric, it's too funny.

  6. This is such a fun quilt!!! So many fabulous fabrics to look at. I love they way you've incorporated the pieced house.

  7. This is hilarious! And I bet it must mean so much to you! The quilting lines are absolutely fab, and the fabrics are great! What a fun quilt! :)

  8. I love that you made them all into a house, with windows and a door!! Plus you have one brilliantly eclectic fabric collection :)

  9. I didn't even know so many different novelty prints existed. There's so much to see and enjoy in your quilt. Life is full and fun with teenagers (we currently have 4).

  10. This is simply genius! A house / home, with fabric that represents every angle of being a woman, wife, mother in her household / world. It's not possible to choose only one piece of fabric. Good luck in the competition.

  11. What a fun quilt. I'm amazed at the range of "girlie" fabric you've put into it.

  12. So fun! What a cool idea and it looks awesome!

  13. This is such an AWESOME quilt! What fun! I love all the fabrics - very hard to pick just one. But I'm kind of partial to where it says "but I don't want to go out!" - I said that all the time to my mother when she tried to get me to go outside and play when I was a kid. I'd still rather stay inside and play with my toys - they're fabric and thread and a sewing machine now! You must have the world's most awesome stash of novelty fabrics. This just blows my mind. Great work!!

  14. Simply fabulous. LOVE it. Good luck in the voting in the Quilt Festival.

  15. Oh my gosh! This is really wonderful! I could look at it all day! WOW WOW WOW!!!

  16. I love Crumb quilts and this is a modern Crazy Quilt! Hmmm, favorite fabrics? Definitely a tie between the lady standing in front of the bathroom mirror, the female superheroes print or (last but not least) the "She Who Loves To Quilt" square!

    This had to be as much fun to make (and collect fabrics for) as it is to look at!

  17. WOW i LOVE this quilt. It is totally gorgeous and now I need to bookmark your blog so I can follow it all the time. Hope you win and if I could have voted for you a million times I so would have.

  18. Oh my, what a WONDERFUL quilt ! I love it - all the detail, you must have had a blast sewing it ;-))

  19. What a fun idea! So much to look at and read. Great!

  20. What a stunner - I could look at it all day! Lots of fun!

  21. Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. What a special quilt! Thanks for sharing!