Saturday, August 17, 2013


Rome was wonderful in all it's hot gritty citiness!
We went into full sightseeing mode...
Colosseum, Forum, crypts, churches, the Pantheon,
fountains, statues, piazzas, the Vatican museum including Sistine Chapel and Raphael rooms, St. Peter's,
more scrumptious Italian food dining all fresco,
 and of course lots of gelato!

One of the things I love most about Europe is the attention to detail in the buildings. I love all the different door knockers!

Because of a fear of the plague, lots of buildings have a Mary outside up on a corner. One guide said it was a safe place to pause, reflect, and pray. Everyone is different and so lovely.
I wonder if all our buildings had signs that said relax and be kind?!

Fantastic quilty tile work on the floor!

Not only great tasting but so pretty too!


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