Wednesday, November 13, 2013


time for hibernating...

turning every day 
into an opportunity for 
more indoor sewing!

 Most Fridays
I sew with 
Judy, Opal, and Dorothy, 
plus other ladies who drop in.
Judy's studio tends to have 
a steady stream of delightful ladies
stopping by to wallow in the creative energy!

Here's what Shirley made in Freddy's class!

And here's Shirley's shirt she gave away to Opal.
It's a "Jams" shirt
and the question is...
will Opal wear it, 
or cut it up for a quilt?

Dorothy's herringbone...

Elaine's postcards  from a class at Aunt Mary's!

My next class is November 30th
at Calico Creations
Jan Mullen's Catz
and liberated trees!

Here's a few trees
and one crushingly large flake
from the last trees class.

I tried this pattern from Kathy Doughty's book.
Love it!
I think I'll border it in blue
and find the veteran it was meant to go home with!

I've also been collaging Freddy style!

As I was making this collage
I was thinking of my dad,
who passed away twenty nine years ago.
He often said,
"I'm as strong as an oak tree."
I also had thoughts of
my mom.
This will be our third holiday season without her.
My youngest, now twelve,
came in and
kindly "fixed" the collage
while we fondly reminisced about
special times with Gram.
In the moment...
nothing but connected

I so loved the ease of this process
that I tried another
(so excited I couldn't waste the time to fully press!).

is an opportunity to sew with Mary Lou Weidman!
More pics soon!


  1. All such neat pieces! Love that petite Madonna on the tree trunk--you have such great ideas...hugs, Julierose

  2. Yea! Your collages are wonderful!!

  3. What a wonderful post. I want to play with you and the friends on Fridays....let's chat at Rebels. The collages are spectacular. I have been making several WO my tree quilts this fall and love them!!!! Wish I wasn't working or I would join the class.