Monday, December 2, 2013


fun day
was spent 
this past Saturday
in my class at Calico Creations.

My intention for my classes
is to create a safe space for the students
let go of worry...
 let go of expectations...
forget their rules.

I share the joy I have when I create with fabric.

I try to give them a peek into my process...
giving them permission to figure out
what works best for them.

I recognize that this can be
very out of the box for some...
so out of the box that I feel
some crumple the box in frustration...

I hope they come back one day...
to try again... 

magic happens!

A very dear lady
who has taken a couple of classes with me,
gave me  a fat quarter...
She said, 
"I saw this and thought of you.
You inspire me."

Oh my!
I am still grinning ear to ear!

The ladies were making Jan Mullen's Catz

or liberated trees.

I gave my Catz quilt to the local cat shelter. 
They are always at capacity with 150 cats...sigh.
I know someone there
 most certainly deserves to feel the love in that quilt.

I also gave away this red, white and blue quilt. 
It felt so healing when I gave a quilt
to a random Viet Nam veteran last year -
he had the Viet Nam vet sticker on his pick up -
(in honor of my dad)
that I decided to again.

This time I spotted a house flying an 82nd Airborne flag...
(my dad was 82nd Airborne)
knocked on the door...
I shared my brief story for a few minutes, 
he shared his brief Iraq story for a few minutes,
some tears fell...
and a great hug was shared.

During this holiday season
and end of the year...
as I reflect...
I again realize how wonderful this "hobby" is!
I know you know too!

I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude!


I am working on a new
house quilt...

It is requiring
a thorough stash review!
(Is it still called a "stash" if it is the size of a small quilt shop?!)

This large review
has resulted in a growing pile...
that I am intending to giveaway on
December 9th for 
Blogger's Giveaway Day

Stay tuned!


  1. Your classes sound wonderful; and the results are super. What fun! I love your new house quilt--brimming full of "life"--
    hugs, Julierose

  2. I feel so much gratitude for you and your generous nature. Your gift to the veteran brought tears to my eyes. Hugs.

  3. that was a perfect gift for teacher! your new house quilt is smashing - love it!

  4. Wonderful post, love your big heart and wonderful talent! Hugs galore for your giving nature!

  5. You are so amazing I hope when I grow up I can be more like are so selfless and inspiring....Love you!