Wednesday, November 12, 2014



Trying to get to the beach as much as possible...

Spending time with my youngest 
(before he grows up way to fast like his older brothers)
riding my cute pink bike 
listening to the delightful crunch of the leaves
and walking Walter...

Getting in touch with the natural rhythm of the days...

Taking in some quilt shows...

Here's a few pictures from the Japanese quilts at the LaConnor Quilt Museum.

Here's a quilt by Janet Fogg,
the featured artist at 
Block Party Quilters' recent show.

Enjoying my favorite quilt...
(Turns out it was made by Mary Washer!)

Laughing at their challenge...

Noticing that the show was in a great venue,
the Issaquah community center.

Looking at this old picture on the wall.
(It was the great hair doos/don'ts that caught my eye.)

Marveling at the coincidence of the pattern on their floor!

(of course!)

Contemplating the next step of my 20 inch blades...
(YES! Over 40 inch blocks!)

Considering tiny 4 inch blades in Dresden plates!

And anticipating...

(I am enjoying arranging quilting workshops and lectures!)

Look who is next!!!


Join us the Tuesday before Thanksgiving
for a delightful lecture by Victoria Findlay Wolfe - 
woman extraordinaire, author, teacher, blue ribbon winner,
a leader of the modern quilt movement!

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  1. Fabulous projects and pics.Hard to choose only one fav!!

  2. I.Can't Wait.
    Love the drezzies. Can't wait to see what you are doing with those!