Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A while ago, four like-minded creative spirits and I spent a year working through this fabulous book:
Since that year, I have been in search for another book to help guide me towards becoming more of my authentic self. The other day on Facebook, the ever humorous, Mark Lipinski mentioned the following book:
I have read the first three chapters and I am sooooo excited about how the author, Mary Beth, has combined all the ideas I have read about here and there into one space with great exercises to help further propel me on my creative journey. What resonated immediately was the idea that I have to "get plugged in" to what she refers to as the "Big Creative". I liked the image of getting "plugged in"..focused...aligned....and had been thinking about making another "little" quilt depicting this idea, maybe with a lamp, a plugged in cord, etc. THEN I go to my Weight Watchers meeting and what is on the cover of the weekly flyer?

                                                                        GET PLUGGED IN!
The Universe was not done giving hints. (LOL!) Later in the day, the cap on my new favorite ice tea, Original Sweet Leaf said:
                                             ANOTHER ALLUSION TO PLUGGING IN!
So.....how DO I get plugged in and start creating? Sometimes it is the FABRIC. The fabric obsession of the day is the luscious fabric line "On the Rio Grande" for Free Spirit by Terrie Mangat:

Sometimes, it is a PATTERN. Last year, Freddy Moran came to Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop to teach a workshop and walked my dear friend Judy Irish through her version of a Lonestar Quilt. Judy caught the Lonestar bug and I do believe she has made ten Lonestars since then!!! I caught the bug while sewing in her fabulously stuffed studio one day. I have made four so far and have started my fifth!!!!
                                        INSTRUCTIONS FOR LONESTAR ON PAGE 110

                                                           ONE OF MY LONESTARS
                                                                     ANOTHER ONE
                                                                 CURRENT LONESTAR

Reading and working through The Artist's Way was very powerful. I am where I am, in part, because of what I learned and how I grew with The Artist's Way. Whether it's a fabric or a pattern I am PLUGGED IN! and looking forward to "allowing myself to unfold authentically, organically, as I prepare to grow and lift off." (page 28 in Kick-Ass Creativity) Join me?  


  1. amazing ooooooo aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  2. I am totally AW struck....you are amazing!! Well put indeed!