Monday, October 4, 2010


On Friday, I took my mom up to Anacortes, WA for a day trip. In the window of the yarn shop was a big sign that said "UNCAGE YOUR COLOR". I love that!!!! That message made me feel happy, hopeful, and eager to do as it suggested!!! Color? Hmmm... I started to notice the colors that are predominant in my day to day life.... driving here and there (or passengering with fifteen year old Andrew!). What did I notice?


                                                                         GREEN grass

                                                              GREEN moss and grass

EverGREENs everywhere

                                                                    GREEN rhodies 

And then there is GRAY - this is often the color of the sky...for months....
and months

Obviously, there is a need for strategic infiltration of color!

After these observations, I felt inspired to make a "little". A litle quilt measuring 10X10 inches. I stiched a bird cage with the door open of course, embroidered "uncage color" all around the cage. And then added Miss Colorita - a joyfully colorful bird.

 Uncaged Color

While I was thinking about uncaging, why not uncage my inner artist and motivate to open my store on Etsy?! Sooo...drum roll please...four quilts are for sale!!!!!!

                                           kwiltzbystephanie is open on Etsy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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