Thursday, February 17, 2011


I have had several charm packs of this fabric line for a finally decided to DO SOMETHING with them. I sewed a free hand heart with two squares, stuffed it with scraps, and trimmed it with my cool wavy rotary cutter.

added some buttons (a reminder to keep working on the true story)

added trim and dangled a bell to ward off evil spirits with happy jingles

Picked from lots of ephemera (of course I had a hard time actually USING anything, hence the collection - I might need it later, right?! LOL)

Voila - a string of heart art next to my growing line of liberated hearts. (Liberated hearts, free from old emotional baggage!)

Or, a little clogged with cheese?

If all the hearts make you feel crabby...

I am using the rest of the charm packs for this

and another charm pack for this

And then today I started subtly shifting my thoughts from red/pink to green. I gathered these up and and am smiling with be continued!

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  1. Stephanie, Mom and I are oohing and ahhing on your blog this morning and when she saw the stash of greens she said, "All those leaves she could make"......and your heart shaped rocks, she has buckets and buckets in her home on counters. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!