Sunday, June 12, 2011

After the intensity of Ruth McDowell's class, it was nice to ease back into my regular routine. I  added some more Kaffe diamonds...

and a few more selvedge blocks...

and two pots for "BLOOM".

Despite making my mom several tote bags, she took this one from my youngest son and used it quite often to carry her books/work for whatever class she was currently taking at the local community college. I decided to keep the good energy and memories of her excitement about learning and repurpose the bag into... 

a cute pocket for my ipad, aptly named Einstein.

I also played in the gerber daisy - one of my all time favorite flowers - section of the grocery store's flower shop...

and noticed this beautiful hanging basket in the parking lot.

I also spent time revisiting this wonderfully insightful book and am pleased to see how it ties in to everything, of course! Shakti writes,
"At  first you may practice creative visualization at specific times and for specific goals...It becomes a continual awareness, a state of consciousness in which you know you are the constant creator in your life...The ultimate point of creative visualization - to make every moment of our lives a moment of wondrous creation, in which we are just naturally choosing the best, the most beautiful, the most fulfilling lives we can imagine...."

I continue to visualize my steps of progress with frequent breaks to see the beauty that is all around (even in parking lots!)...I trust and have faith that life is good..I am choosing to allow...allowing from a place of love!  


  1. love your post--so varied and open to the abundance of beauty that surrounds us every day! OH, and Fred totally cracks me up--he's actually smiling. too funny!

  2. You have a good energy bag for Eisenstein...perfect! Your Mom would love it! You are so ~hot~ I adore you!!