Thursday, June 16, 2011


Remember the book Simple Abundance by Sara Breathnach? After having read it daily for several years, it had been collecting dust until yesterday, when I flipped it open to a random page and was treated to the following wisdom from the June 21st passage:

"As I have tried and failed and tried again, I have discovered that if we are to flourish as creative beings, if we are to grow into Wholeness, we must bloom wherever we are planted. Right now, you might not have the perfect career, home, or relationship. Few of us do. But if you have the gift of today, you've got another chance to re-create your circumstances and make them as perfect as it's possible to do with the resources you have. Today you get another chance to get it as right as you can make it. What more could you desire?"

Blooming where planted!


  1. lovely lovely lovely post! So often I marvel at the plants growing out of crags in sandstone in my homeland and think, "TENACITY".....yep, blooming where planted! Stephanie, the seeds of love you planted in my heart with your overwhelming gift will have little sprouts of love blooming hither and thither!!! You are such an amazing nourishment and friend to me! Love to you, Em

  2. This is such a great message!!
    Now that you've planted the seed in my mind I'll set my thinking to blooming where I'm planted.