Sunday, November 20, 2011


Since my hubby came home this week after a very long road trip for work, I finally had a day to shop at my own pace!!

I had these Kaffe dots, but needed these...

and some of this...

and some of this...

and this...

so I could think of doing this...

Then, in the middle of a quilt shop, in an excited spin in front of the luscious flannels, I remembered the "little" quilt I worked on this week.

My hand, red like a STOP sign. A string tied around my finger to help me remember to be in the moment, to wake up, to realize what it is I am doing. 

And I thought, "Right NOW, do I need more fabric?"
Probably not, I thought, as this shelf came to mind.

I got quiet and realized that some new fabric is fun, and since I already had some, what was it I really needed in that moment?
And at that moment, when I slowed down enough to hear, I realized what I needed right NOW was some quiet...not fabric. 
So, I went to read my new magazine in front of a peacefull pond with ducks. 

When I got home, instead of thinking what I usually think, "Ugh, my play time is up already?" 
I thought, "Yes, I am ready and able. I am glad to be home."

 In the NOW I embraced another opportunity to grow!

Since I need some room to grow, I decided to share some of my black and whites with you!!!!!!!

I have this pile...

this pile...

and this pile!

Three bundles of eight pieces - fat quarters and 1/2 yards.

As I was shopping, I was shocked to see fabric at 12.10$ a yard. 
I am curious what you are doing. 
Are you paying that much? Do you shop online? Are you only using your stash?

One chance to win if you leave a comment. 
Another chance if you are already or become a follower.
Overseas quilters are welcome to play too!!!
Winner announced next Sunday.

(a frosty smile from inside of the minivan!)


  1. Eckhart would be so proud! And the rest of jealous of your loot!
    I do not pay that much, ever. There are a ton of online merchants who have reasonable prices (because they are at-home-based merchants) and I'm happy to support their little shops (usually on Etsy), but brick and mortar shops need to pay overhead.
    For now I need to hit my stash and get creative!

  2. Yes, I pay that much. Just hum a little song and try not to think too much. After all, paying $2.50 or $3.00 for a fat quarter is that much ($10-12). I am trying to cut back, sew up more from the stash, and buy on sale when I can. Sigh. I want it all!!!!

  3. Once in awhile I will pay that much but not very often. I find myself walking away from fabric (OMG) quite often now. It needs to be something pretty special for me to pay that price. I do try to find it on line for a better price when I get home, and if I don't I add it to my list of what to look for when the online shops or LQS have sales.

  4. I'm trying to mostly shop my own stash, but since I won a LQS gift card at guild in October, I did get 2 yards at $10 on Saturday.
    Plus I rolled all my change on Friday & had "play" money, when I was done with my Op Quilt ticket selling turn, I bought 2 more yards (different LQS). And these 4 yards do have a specific gift purpose in mind.... :D

  5. I am a follower also and I am glad that I now have a very large stash to use so I don't have to pay $12.05 or whatever a yard!! I am mostly proud of you for your growth...great job!

  6. Stephanie, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!! What a post of so much inspiration, lovely reminders and the finger with the bow, big smile!!! I keep playing with the idea of putting a bow on an elephant trunk for the Alzheimers Quilt fundraiser....Sometimes elephants even need a little help remembering...maybe I better go home and create and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for giving me the hall pass and inspiration! Love to you and family, Em

  7. I'm in the UK and we pay around £10 - £12 a metre (not sure what it would be in dollars!) so I use my stash as often as I can but sometimes there's a new line you just gotta have!!!!

  8. Hey Stephanie, since moving to a town that has the nearest fabric shop 8,73kms away, all my shopping is online these days! $9US a yard is average. I have paid $29AUS for a metre of Kaffe once in a store I was visitng and just HAD to have!