Sunday, November 13, 2011


I started this quilt for my niece Lucy

and got stuck, without joy or ease...needing inspiration.

This little guy at the pet shops said, "stripes!"

Then the sun peeked out for some play and said, "plaid!"

And the glorious moon wanted, "DOTS!" of course.

As I played and contemplated, I was once again drawn to Tonya's book Word Play

and the quilt that was meant to be for Lucy was born!!!

I also decided to start making "littles" again - 10x12 inch quilts centered on a theme of the week. "Zippity Doo Da" is a favorite upbeat and positive childhood song perfect for background music as I make my way in my ruby red shoes!!!

"Indeed, the goal is only to follow the path, for there is no "there" to get to; there is only the path, and the job of treading upon it as well as we can." - Carol K. Anthony in A Guide to the I Ching

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