Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hello! I am linking up with for a very fun Christmas Quilt Show 2011!
 After you see my Christmas quilt, take some time to check out some of the other fabulously creative quilts in this show.

I was inspired by Freddy Moran's quilt "Little House in the Big Woods" in her Collaborative Quilting book to make 500 trees! 
Yes, the plan was for 500 trees...

however, due to sanity issues, it turned out that only 60 trees were possible.


Those 60 trees +  1 big bow became the wrapping paper for a wonderful Christmas present!
Hmmm...what would you put inside?

Thanks for visiting! Remember to vote for your favorite!
Ho ho ho

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I am soooo happy to announce that each of my three sons picked a number and the winners are:


Hooray Hooray!
Thanks for following and leaving a comment!!!
What fun! 
I can't wait to do another giveaway!!! 
Please email me with your addresses!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Since my hubby came home this week after a very long road trip for work, I finally had a day to shop at my own pace!!

I had these Kaffe dots, but needed these...

and some of this...

and some of this...

and this...

so I could think of doing this...

Then, in the middle of a quilt shop, in an excited spin in front of the luscious flannels, I remembered the "little" quilt I worked on this week.

My hand, red like a STOP sign. A string tied around my finger to help me remember to be in the moment, to wake up, to realize what it is I am doing. 

And I thought, "Right NOW, do I need more fabric?"
Probably not, I thought, as this shelf came to mind.

I got quiet and realized that some new fabric is fun, and since I already had some, what was it I really needed in that moment?
And at that moment, when I slowed down enough to hear, I realized what I needed right NOW was some quiet...not fabric. 
So, I went to read my new magazine in front of a peacefull pond with ducks. 

When I got home, instead of thinking what I usually think, "Ugh, my play time is up already?" 
I thought, "Yes, I am ready and able. I am glad to be home."

 In the NOW I embraced another opportunity to grow!

Since I need some room to grow, I decided to share some of my black and whites with you!!!!!!!

I have this pile...

this pile...

and this pile!

Three bundles of eight pieces - fat quarters and 1/2 yards.

As I was shopping, I was shocked to see fabric at 12.10$ a yard. 
I am curious what you are doing. 
Are you paying that much? Do you shop online? Are you only using your stash?

One chance to win if you leave a comment. 
Another chance if you are already or become a follower.
Overseas quilters are welcome to play too!!!
Winner announced next Sunday.

(a frosty smile from inside of the minivan!)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I must be reverting back to my pm (pre-mom) ways...never one to miss a party!!! hee-hee

I was checking in on and saw she was linking up to and her mini quilt party!!!

With only a few hours left, I think this party looks like a lot of fun and I can't wait to visit other party  participants.

Since Halloween is over, it must be time for Christmas right? 
I shared my Halloween Houses on October 31, so now I'd like to share my Christmas houses (house pattern inspired by Freddy Moran's houses..OF COURSE!!!)

I had so much fun embellishing and tried something new with the beading all around and jingle bells along the bottom. 
Sharing this quilt has brought reality into focus for a moment...
whether my quilt got you thinking Bah! or Hohoho! there's only 43 days left until Christmas!!! 


I started this quilt for my niece Lucy

and got stuck, without joy or ease...needing inspiration.

This little guy at the pet shops said, "stripes!"

Then the sun peeked out for some play and said, "plaid!"

And the glorious moon wanted, "DOTS!" of course.

As I played and contemplated, I was once again drawn to Tonya's book Word Play

and the quilt that was meant to be for Lucy was born!!!

I also decided to start making "littles" again - 10x12 inch quilts centered on a theme of the week. "Zippity Doo Da" is a favorite upbeat and positive childhood song perfect for background music as I make my way in my ruby red shoes!!!

"Indeed, the goal is only to follow the path, for there is no "there" to get to; there is only the path, and the job of treading upon it as well as we can." - Carol K. Anthony in A Guide to the I Ching

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I have joined the Small Bog Meet at!! She asks that you share what you were up to the past month. I know it's already the 9th of THIS month (and sort of kind of feels like Christmas) but I had so much fun linking up for the last post I just had to try it again.

October in review...

Finished a girly quilt for me.

added more diamonds

added more square in squares

and added more selvedge blocks.

Completely finished an emphasis on pink quilt for one niece

and started to play with a mostly purple quilt for another niece...

striped diamonds came to mind, but not yet a pattern

hopefully November will provide more opportunity for this quilt to grow.

A visit to Freddy's in mid October resulted in this happily liberated creation

and an introduction to this lady's patchwork.

Freddy is quite inspired by this lady, so I ordered two books and...

played until...

a wonderfully long and glorious play session that ended in the first in what I think will become a series of play quilts.

Lastly, my pink elephant quilt came back quilted from Judy's!!!

I LOVE it!!! Here's a peek until the full posting it deserves...

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed and perhaps found some inspiration. 
Eight days into November with lots of creative juices flowing.