Sunday, April 1, 2012


"Freddy Inspired Freeform Fun at Judy's"

Judy Irish quilts for Freddy Moran. 
Last last Friday when I was sewing with Judy,
 she shared a bit of a less than one inch strip 
leftover from one of Freddy's quilts!

I chopped my piece up,
sewed these parts together, 
and created the center background of the above fun "little"
I rummaged in her scrap box,
added the flowers
and then Judy swiped and quilted for me!!!

This week's "little" ( 8 1/2 x 11)
was inspired by a conversation I had with my oldest son 
during another long stretch of 
gray days.

"What if you could accumulate sunshine?" he asked...
what if?

Here's my new NY beauty block
There's a lovely group on flickr if you want to check out other gal's blocks.
I am a week behind, but figure I'll just keep chugging along...

I finished my Granny Square quilt!

I discovered a few things in the process of making this quilt...

I really don't like white fabric
crisp? yes
boring? perhaps
easily dirtied? yes, quite impractical

I don't really enjoy making the same block over and over
it just doesn't zing me creatively
I made one block bigger (center)
Then I made four more of those (around the center)
And then I decided to make a BIG granny square
like my BIG Swoon in a Swoon

I am going to interrupt this rambling with a picture of my Bassett Hound, 
on the left, 
trying to enjoy himself at a
Bassett Hound Bash
with over 30 other Bassetts!
We humans shared some great laughs but,
who thinks he is a cat,
didn't have such a great time.

OK, back to quilting.
Speaking of quilting with white,
I keep considering the modern movement.
I bought this book and really love some of the blocks.

I bought a few new Kaffe fat quarters from Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop
and would like to try the bottom left picture on the cover
as a big quilt.

Maybe with pink and purple solids?
Will I like pink and purple solid
better than white?

Maybe this stripe I found at The Quilt Loft in Seattle
The Quilt Loft is my new trek-to quilt shop
when I catch a few hours to myself.

I also bought these two books...

some of this yummy Alexander Henry...

and this Japanese import.

It's spring break for my boys.
Not sure if that's going to mean
or less
time to quilt.

What's your opinion on solids and/or the modern movement?


  1. I have trouble doing all-solid quilts--I have never done them. I really like print against print pretty much--and I have begun to like black and white prints for sashings, inside rows etc.. along with prints...but also like the "cabbage roses" shabby look, too. Julierose

  2. Oh glad to hear someone else having thoughts about the "modern" movement and it love of white & solids. I've been quilting for almost 30 yrs and back then there was a lot of white & solids. I've recently made a couple of quilts using white Kona and for me, it looks flat. If I'm going to do white I want a white on white print and as for solids, well I'd rather use a hand dyed or a tone on tone design. They add more depth in my opinion. I'm glad there is so much to chose from these days. If the white/solid thing makes you happy do it. But for someone who came from a time when that was about all there was to chose from, it doesn't seem modern it seems old. Keep quilting!

  3. Great quilting fun Stephanie! I like mixing solids with tone on tones when making some of the new quilts. Totally agree with you on the white thing.

  4. You have gotten so much done! Love the mini quilts and your NY Beauty! I belong to a modern quilt guild and I think every one of us defines it differently! Do what makes you happy!

  5. I especially love your mini quilts!
    I have ordered the Modern Blocks book and the other 2 are on my wish list! I shall be interested to hear what you think of them!

  6. Ah, you and your blog are a breath of fresh air, just lovely and inspiring.

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  8. Stephanie, What do you do with all your quilts after they're done? Do you show them, publish them or something else? Personally for me, the joy is in making a quilt big or small and them moving on to a new one. I have no problem selling or giving them away.I'm just curious what other people do with their stash of quilts.

    PS.. Glad you posted a picture of Yellow Skunk Cabbage, I had no idea what was growing in my creek. I just thought is was pretty.


  9. Thanks for all of your comments!!!! As for what I do with my quilts...that has become an issue! I used to give some away, but now I am giving a lot more. I just dropped two off at The Quilt Loft in Seattle. I love making quilts and my family has more than enough, so until I can figure out a way to sell some, which I would love to do, I'll keep passing them on and sharing the love!