Sunday, April 8, 2012


Spring has most definitely sprung in the Pacific Northwest!

Our favorite pair of ducks returned to our bird feeder!
(I like to think mushy love thoughts when they return.)

We had some time (with mostly blue skys!) at the beach.

And spotted this bald eagle - also part of a nesting pair!
(More mushy love thoughts were enjoyed!)

The birds are happy
and the flowers are blooming!

I had to pull over and sit under this fabulous tree...

and snap these orange centered lovelies!

Simple daisies are one of my favorites.

The warm weather made us think of ice cream,
so we trekked to a place called Molly Moon's.
I have read about Molly Moon's
in many differnet magazines
as having the best and freshest ice cream. 

It was super yummy!

Speaking of ice cream,
I put off going for a check up for four years.
I know...not a great idea,
but there was so much imagined judgement
a huge story I made up.
I just kept waiting to loose
a few
or a lot
of pounds.

But in the middle of the night
the whisper got too loud...
"you really need to go for a check up."

I am happy to say I found a very kind doctor
and together with her,
I will be able to work on a few minor kinks in my health!
(yes, those extra pounds might have to be part of it.)

As I wallowed in the immense relief
I remebered that scene from the book Eat, Pray, Love
where the wise man say that Elizabeth should picture
her liver smiling.

And I think...
that I would like...
all of my self smiling!
All my cells happy and healthy...

Here they are!
(8 1/2 x 11)

I found this piece from a while back.

And finished it up with some of my favorite fabric - Kaffe's Paperweight

Then I tried something modern for the fabulous lady
who suffers through our Bassett Hound's toenail cut
every six weeks.
Fred howls so loud everybody thinks he is dying!
She loves green
so I tried this lap size idea inspired from Denise Schmidt's new book.
I think it's going to pop after some quilting.

I sent this lone star to an old student of mine
who grew up
into a beautiful, intelligent, and powerful young woman!

I pulled these out and am determined to finished this one this week.

Is it spring where you are?
Did you love Eat, Pray Love?
Do you go to the doctor regularly?
What are you working on?


  1. It is Spring here! So pretty! I am on spring break (for one more day!) and I have done a lot of sewing this week (and I went out to lunch 4 times!). I am pretty good about going to the dentist/doctor but this year has been excessive (really dread those visits, don't you?). I have several more to go, too, but I am trying to be more of a grown up about it all!

  2. I love your Lone Star Quilt. Looks so great in more modern Fabric! Right now I'm quilting a simple box quilt made from Blueberry Crumble by Blackbird design. It's lovely, but doesn't quite have the pop your quilts do! And yes, spring has arrived. The sun was shining, the trees are starting to bud and the grass almost needs to be cut.