Sunday, August 26, 2012


Lots of puttering...
Sometimes it's productive puttering...
sometimes it's not.
it is what it is...
and that's OK!
Not sure if you'll notice,
but the latest bout of putteringitis
led to lots of sorting and organizing (lol)!
I have found lots of old pieces I still love...
and some not so much.
I am thinking of getting a table at Aunt Mary's garage sale on Sept. 22.
1$ fat quarters?
Speaking of revisiting old loves...
Once upon a time, twenty four years ago, I played the violin (bottom left corner).
My middle son found the violin 
at the back bottom of a walk in closet
and encouraged me to get it fixed.
  I am now really enjoying playing again
and actually signed up for a few violin classes!
Speaking of fun...
I signed up for a Freddy Moran class
 at The Stiching Post in Sisters, Oregon!!!
Those are big bright flowers that I am setting aside
(piling up at the back of the ironing board)
in anticipation of Freddy's new collage class!

Speaking of classes...

As the school year begins,
and I have no permanent teaching job,
(I taught 7th/8th grade a long time ago and then chose to stay home to raise my boys, and now substitute teach)
I have been thinking about what I really want to "do".
What I am passionate about is
of course.
So, that has led me to try teaching a class.
at my local shop - Aunt Mary's

But what should I teach?
What I enjoy is...
NOT following a pattern
piecing in a liberated way
no rules
allowing the quilt that was meant to be evolve...
I like the striking simplicity of this quilt
from this book.
 And this quilt that took that idea in a different direction
in this book.
I made...
I LOVE those colors!
And you can never go wrong with Kaffe!
and then I tried this...
and am beginning one with Halloween fabric.
You can make the strips any width,
and use any fabric
in any way that moves you!
and stay...
Speaking of calm...
a last thought...
I have been working and working
on developing healthier coping skills for life,
so that I could feel less anxious.
When I have less anxiety I find I am more in the moment
and less wrapped up in some past/future story.
When I have less anxiety I am in the moment
I am calm.
this desire to feel calm
has me working and working
and working...
trying so hard to remember what to do to feel better.
It's no wonder I often feel exhausted.
a wise person said to me,
"There is no need to work so hard.
It's not something that you will feel because you finally figured out how to get it.
The calm is already there."
Isn't that beautiful?
The calm is already there!
I will continue puttering
allowing life to happen
the calm is already there!
Seeking a next class to teach...



  1. You are so right, the calm is already there. I will have to remember that the next time I'm feeling a little stressed. Good luck on the new career choice. I teach a few quilting classes and find it is best to make a sample that you love, and hopefully others will love it and take the class. If not, at least you have a quilt you love.

  2. Yes! As long as you believe it's coming, you will see it when it arrives. You already have calmness and patience--the right class is on its way! Oh, I wish I lived closer!!!!

  3. wonderful thoughts! that center of calm is indeed at your center. sounds as if you are *seeing* this more and more everyday! woohoo!

    good luck on the upcoming class teaching! i agree with linda and duff...having taught many a class over the years, your best bet is to do something you feel passionate about, make a sample and see who comes! i would add not to stress out over whether the class has been taught before or why would someone take a class from you instead of from someone else (amongst a host of other self-speak that rumbles around in my brain from time to time). they will come and they will love the class and all will have great fun! just breathe!! :)

  4. WOW! Thank you for all the great energy! I am very grateful for the supportive feedback!!!

  5. Hi Stephanie! It's Ilene (formerly with you at the quilt guild on Camano and often bumping into ya at school events!). I found your blog thru Aunt Mary's. Love your reflections on finding that calm place. Sewing is such a wonderful place to wander in to that peaceful tempo. Here's where I ramble on at times: Have a great day! Ilene