Sunday, September 23, 2012


lots going on...
My class is a GO!!
What fun we will have...
making a no-stress, no rules,
too cute creative quilt top...
While connecting, laughing, and sharing!
Here's the main idea...
Find a collection of fabric or a pile of scraps that are calling to you.
 I decided to use some of my Christmas fabric!
Then I tested a bunch of background possibilities and
 decided on a light light background.

I cut strips.
This time I decided to use all 2 1/4 inch strips.
You can do whatever width suits your fancy.
All the same width...
or varied.

This is how I sew.
I lay the strip I am working on in my lap
and eyeball the length I want.
Finished strips are on the table.
Works in progress are on my lap.

I try very hard
to motivate and get up...
 doing lots of pressing as I go
(only because I hear Judy's voice in my head yelling at me if I don't!)

This is just a little demo for the class,
so I thought some
 in the ditch quilting
was just fine and dandy.


I spied my tub of Christmas embellishments waaay uuuppp thereeeee....

Here's the main idea.

And a different color way.
I'll show my Halloween one soon.
I am just honored and tickled
to be teaching!
Other quilty stuff that I have been up to...
I gave this cute baby quilt to a friend of my middle son
to help him raise some money
for a cancer walk he was doing!
I reorganized and sold some extra (ha!) fabric
at the garage sale at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop.

I entered this finished eye popper
in the Modern Quilt Convention that will be held
this February 21st in Austin Texas.
I won't hear anything about getting accepted until the new year...
what is the world record for most days spent with fingers and toes crossed?
I only used Freddy Moran's fabric line
starting with the idea I could make a gigantic flower,
but put it away when it lost the flowery feeling.
About a year later,
it was time to
 pull it back out
and kept going!

"Not A Flower"
was born!
Judy did the fabulous quilting, of course!
I am soooooo
heart palpitatingly
to get the chance to actually show Freddy this quilt!
Sue and I are off yet again
for a Freddy class!!!!
Looks like both me and LilaLou are contemplating the possibilities of
my departure!
No less truthful despite fuzziness!


  1. I just love the Not a Flower quilt. Good luck with it!

  2. Forget they quilt, I'm stunned at your piles of fabic. Just kidding, I love the quilt and Judys quilting is amazing. Good luck in Texas.

  3. I just got a serious chill--you know what that means, right? Your quilt will be hanging in Austin!

  4. I love your 'not a flower'! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!