Friday, September 28, 2012


There is nothing like a new adventure 
with my dear friend Sue
to rejuvenate my creative soul!
A three day class
 with Freddy Moran 
at the wonderful quilt shop, The Stichin Post, in Sisters, Oregon!!

Here we are, almost there, 
after a seven hour drive.

Here's a peak at all the yum yummy yummies!

This was my favorite non-Freddy quilt that was hanging in the shop.

There was a huge wildfire about five miles away.
It was smokey in the town of Sisters, 
but nobody seemed too bothered.

Freddy brought a SUITCASE of quilts to share!!!!

She said this is one of a series of barnyard animals.

She also said her quilts are successful because 
she pays attention to VALUE.

Freddy is a great admirer of Edrica Huws.
I encourage you to Google image her name and scroll through her
unbelievably wonderful
collage quilts.

Here I am, with a crazed look in my eye, 
petting the pile of Freddy quilts!
I do so have a crush on her!!!

After Freddy shared, 
everyone hung up the black and white backgrounds 
they had already pieced at home
and we got to work making a collage quilt.

The idea is really quite simple,
all you need is 
a glue stick...

and pile of bright happy fabric.

Here's Sue working.
Notice her too cute shirt!
On the first day, we both wore that "Freddy Fan"
tee with Freddy's face on the back,
just to establish that we love her best!!!

We were quite lucky 
to be seated with the most wonderful lady, Susie... 

who created this fantastic house (with outhouse!) in the woods.

In fact, 
I feel Freddy's classes 
attract a most wonderful group of ladies. 
I connected with many strong courageous creative quilters!
Here's a sampling of their works in progress.

In the middle of the class,
I felt over stimulated
and was grateful when a kind neighbor 
encouraged me to scrounge around
in her huge scrap basket.

If you look closely,
you will see that I actually
found some "love" 
in there! hee-hee

here's a little collage I made...

and here's a bigger collage of a tree on a river...

What a wonderful three days!
We even spotted some universal smilage
on the way home!


  1. Stephanie, I have been following your blog since we were on the same Ireland tour together. I was at the Stitchin Post on Wednesday. Were you there then? If you were, what a coincidence that our paths would cross again!