Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Here's two clearer pictures of the happy happy happy quilt 
that Deb, a wonderful woman and quilter, 
was making using fabric 
she had won from my giveaways!

Gorgeous hand quilting!

fun and happiness 
was had at Judy's last Friday. 
It all started 
when I spied this yummy bag of scraps!

I put a more-black-than-white piece together. 

Without a plan...
I made a more-white-than-black piece.
After I sewed them together, 
I went to press...
Judy walked by and said, "Oh, it's a house!"
Yes! (grin)
It wanted to be a house!
(thank you quilting muse!)

I have "played" many times before
Victoria Finlay's new book
15 Minutes of Play
is filled with inspiration...
taking "play" to a whole new level...
and just happened to be sitting on Judy's gigantic pressing board!

Something was missing...

a fun and happy 
love fairy

Here's another house on its way to be quilted.
I used Jan Mullen's Daisiez pattern,
but they looked more like snowflakes!

These were so much fun, I couldn't stop!

maybe I stopped once... 
to treat my self 
(in the midst of this crazy season) 
to some
much coveted 
Mendocino line from Heather Bailey
from Etsy - the Janeymacshop!
(Ask me how many times I walked by these bolts 
at Fourth Corner Quilts 
and thought,
"Gee, that's cute, 
but I don't need some of THAT, do I?"
Then it was gone 
and it was time 
to pine 
and obsess 
and wallow 
in remorse over
a missed fabric opportunity!!)

I am also treating my self to Italian lessons! 
More happy and fun thoughts
about all things Italian... 
Amalfi Coast
Cinque Terre

I'll leave you with a charming passage 
La Bella Lingua by Dianne Hales -
She is talking about the Italian phrase, "bella figura", 
which sort of translates as courtesy, the way a man rushes to open the door, the way Italians take an extra minute to dress well not to show off but to always present their best self..."Italians are innately more fluent in the language of courtesy."

"But I relish the the flourishes of bella figura, each an opportunity to transform minor interactions into memorable interludes. When I confide my perspective to Enrico Paoletti, president of Societe Dante Alighieri in Florence, 
his elfin face lights up.
"Ah Signora, you are learning the Italian secret!"he exclaims. 
"And what is that?" 
"Our greatest art: the art of living."

I am curious 
if you have any fabric you saw, 
didn't buy, 
and now covet?

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  1. love your little accidental house quilt. Too much fun! Have a wonderful day.