Wednesday, December 26, 2012


 Welcome to Seattle in December!

Enjoying the holiday season
decorating our tree with my oldest's 
hand blown glass ornaments!

Feeling mostly chilly
making you want to curl up by the fire...

or under some quilts.

Often craving carbs...

especially Great Great Grandma's oatmeal cookie recipe.

Desperate for color since the outside world is
 almost always gray.
(Did I mention gray?)

Here's veggies for Italian soup from Pioneer Lady.

Lovely oranges in a hand blown bowl!

And veggies for pico de gallo.

I think Seattle's chilly gray weather is one of the reasons
 I love quilting so much.
Fabric fills the color void!

I have been doing a lot of color self medicating
these past few weeks!

I asked my youngest if he wanted to give any teachers a gift this year. 
he said, 
"my reading/writing teacher needs a gift that is significant
She is a hippie and a good teacher."

A peace sign tote 
with joyful music, 
hearts for love, 
and inspiring words 
including a focus on "gratitude" was born!

Two new littlebits...

And two more littlebits inspired after reading one of my favorite blogs!! 
She asked, 
"What is in the window?"

Me and Jim are in the window!
with "Olive you" fabric, 
love music, 
three trees for our boys, 
great background fabric, 
all under a roof of love
with "Happily ever after does exist" for an awning.


Carmen Miranda...
With friends,
dancing and grooving, 
in a pineapple house
with bluberry grass,
letting go seven lucky balloons,
fire works,
and a flag waving the word of 2013

the beauty of being!!!!!
Thanks Em for that delightful inspiration!

I was also inspired by another blog I love...
Nifty Quilts.
In her November 5th post she shared about her 
pine burr quilt...
I didn't get as far as a whole quilt, 
but I really like my pillow!

I've also been preparing for my Web class in March at Aunt Mary's quilt shop.

I don't usually paper piece,
but there is something very meditative
and gratify about 
all the pieces.

I am still playing with 
this colorful yellow and red Kaffe table runner.

This lap quilt in a softer sweet color way is ready for quilting!

another Seattle winter
shall be more than just survived.
Each moment
continues to be
another opportunity!
What do we get to do?
What color do we get to use in my next project?
What yummy nourishing food
do we get to create?

Peace and

to you!!!


  1. Stephanie,
    Merry Christmas to you! I was just thinking about you today. I am still using the black and white scraps I won from your blog! I used some of them today in a quilt back for my sister in law. Thank you again!!!

    Happy New Year!!

  2. LOVE LOVE this post for all of the yumminess you included. I always smile when I visit you! Thanks for the plug for my blog and for your support of this quilting passion we share!