Sunday, April 29, 2012



What fun!

Based on your requests, 
it turns out that I am able and happy to have Everybody win!

Maree wins Tango
Gil wins Freshcut
Duff wins Freshcut II
Ali wins picnic fabric
Quiltrestorer wins Tango II
Kathy wins space fabric
Judy wins shoe fabric


Please email me your address!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I love to watch the Ellen show 
because it makes me chuckle, laugh, smile, and occasionally cry. 

This past week she had a guest, 
Tom Shadyac, 
who made the very touching and joyfull movie called Happy.
(available for free download from itunes)

On the Ellen show, 
when Tom said, 
"Move into your own heart and find out what brings you joy." 
my heart skipped a beat and 
I knew right then what this week's "little" would be...

My house of love set up in my heart, open to new deliveries of love!

Limited sewing this week as it was SUNNY 
and the outside was calling!!!

We went down to Seattle for the 50th anniversary of the Space Needle

and again inspiration struck as I thought about this month's giveaway.


As I was searching for my space themed fabric pile (get it?! Space Needle), 
the happy sunshine bug must have bit me 
because I created... 

(all goofily tied into our Seattle trip -
five total giveaway choices since the Space Needle is five decades old!)


(since we saw so many great spring flowers)


(Since we ate delicious burgers from a food truck named Charlie's)


(Since we took the Monorail to Pikes Place Market and hiked...and hiked...and hiked)


(This line is quite sweet. I think we had a sweet time and I know all of you who read my blog are sweet!)

OK! Here's the nitty gritty - 

Everyone can play! 
One chance - Leave a comment sharing a cool tourist attraction where you live and if you ever visit.
Also, tell your first and second choice of fabric. I will try very hard to give you what you want.
Second chance - become a follower.
Third chance - tell someone new about my blog.

Son number 2 will pick winners next Sunday night.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


In between all the momming moments, 
I was able to eke out a time to sew this week!

Ahhh...finished at last! 

A quilted postcard 
for a very dear friend who had surgery and waits to hear if she has cancer.
The writing on the sign is a line from a Grateful Dead song,
"Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile."

Here's this week's "litle".

What if I was 
one with love?

It's in me,
I am in it.
It's radiating.
I am smiling.
I am dancing.

How wonderful 

Saw these basking turtles at Green Lake.
The 3 mile path around Green Lake is such a treat!
Happy exercising people, dogs, kids, all oozing great energy!

The turtle’s whole life is one of steadfastness, effort, and patience. 
It lives a slow and steady life of “non-doing.” 
There is a saying, 
“Home is where the heart is” — the turtle is always at home within itself. 

I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for more than a decade. 
I love going to the beach 
and have visited it at least three hundred times.
Before today,
I had never seen a whale.
So many times people would tell me how we "just missed them."
Once, we just missed a mom nursing it's baby!
Today, when we first arrived at the beach,
a lady said, 
"Oh, we saw a pod of Orcas about an hour ago."

with no expectations,
we saw a fin...
and a spouting of water!

a Gray Whale!

 The whale urges you to step into using the wisest, most profound, most creative and spiritual aspects of yourself in your daily life

We would do well to follow the example of these creatures, and live as if we have no limits.

OK, back to sewing...
One of my favorite lines of fabric is Jennifer Sampou's Color Rhythm.

A while back,
I used what I had of that line 
and made these blocks 
after being inspired by -

Today, after the beach,
I put them up on my design wall and thought, 
"now what?"

The line has some solid-like pieces 
(remember the "modern" movement?)
so I am beginning to play! 
Like the whale!!

Without limits!

How do you like to play?

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Spring has most definitely sprung in the Pacific Northwest!

Our favorite pair of ducks returned to our bird feeder!
(I like to think mushy love thoughts when they return.)

We had some time (with mostly blue skys!) at the beach.

And spotted this bald eagle - also part of a nesting pair!
(More mushy love thoughts were enjoyed!)

The birds are happy
and the flowers are blooming!

I had to pull over and sit under this fabulous tree...

and snap these orange centered lovelies!

Simple daisies are one of my favorites.

The warm weather made us think of ice cream,
so we trekked to a place called Molly Moon's.
I have read about Molly Moon's
in many differnet magazines
as having the best and freshest ice cream. 

It was super yummy!

Speaking of ice cream,
I put off going for a check up for four years.
I know...not a great idea,
but there was so much imagined judgement
a huge story I made up.
I just kept waiting to loose
a few
or a lot
of pounds.

But in the middle of the night
the whisper got too loud...
"you really need to go for a check up."

I am happy to say I found a very kind doctor
and together with her,
I will be able to work on a few minor kinks in my health!
(yes, those extra pounds might have to be part of it.)

As I wallowed in the immense relief
I remebered that scene from the book Eat, Pray, Love
where the wise man say that Elizabeth should picture
her liver smiling.

And I think...
that I would like...
all of my self smiling!
All my cells happy and healthy...

Here they are!
(8 1/2 x 11)

I found this piece from a while back.

And finished it up with some of my favorite fabric - Kaffe's Paperweight

Then I tried something modern for the fabulous lady
who suffers through our Bassett Hound's toenail cut
every six weeks.
Fred howls so loud everybody thinks he is dying!
She loves green
so I tried this lap size idea inspired from Denise Schmidt's new book.
I think it's going to pop after some quilting.

I sent this lone star to an old student of mine
who grew up
into a beautiful, intelligent, and powerful young woman!

I pulled these out and am determined to finished this one this week.

Is it spring where you are?
Did you love Eat, Pray Love?
Do you go to the doctor regularly?
What are you working on?

Sunday, April 1, 2012


"Freddy Inspired Freeform Fun at Judy's"

Judy Irish quilts for Freddy Moran. 
Last last Friday when I was sewing with Judy,
 she shared a bit of a less than one inch strip 
leftover from one of Freddy's quilts!

I chopped my piece up,
sewed these parts together, 
and created the center background of the above fun "little"
I rummaged in her scrap box,
added the flowers
and then Judy swiped and quilted for me!!!

This week's "little" ( 8 1/2 x 11)
was inspired by a conversation I had with my oldest son 
during another long stretch of 
gray days.

"What if you could accumulate sunshine?" he asked...
what if?

Here's my new NY beauty block
There's a lovely group on flickr if you want to check out other gal's blocks.
I am a week behind, but figure I'll just keep chugging along...

I finished my Granny Square quilt!

I discovered a few things in the process of making this quilt...

I really don't like white fabric
crisp? yes
boring? perhaps
easily dirtied? yes, quite impractical

I don't really enjoy making the same block over and over
it just doesn't zing me creatively
I made one block bigger (center)
Then I made four more of those (around the center)
And then I decided to make a BIG granny square
like my BIG Swoon in a Swoon

I am going to interrupt this rambling with a picture of my Bassett Hound, 
on the left, 
trying to enjoy himself at a
Bassett Hound Bash
with over 30 other Bassetts!
We humans shared some great laughs but,
who thinks he is a cat,
didn't have such a great time.

OK, back to quilting.
Speaking of quilting with white,
I keep considering the modern movement.
I bought this book and really love some of the blocks.

I bought a few new Kaffe fat quarters from Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop
and would like to try the bottom left picture on the cover
as a big quilt.

Maybe with pink and purple solids?
Will I like pink and purple solid
better than white?

Maybe this stripe I found at The Quilt Loft in Seattle
The Quilt Loft is my new trek-to quilt shop
when I catch a few hours to myself.

I also bought these two books...

some of this yummy Alexander Henry...

and this Japanese import.

It's spring break for my boys.
Not sure if that's going to mean
or less
time to quilt.

What's your opinion on solids and/or the modern movement?