Sunday, September 22, 2013


with encouragement and help from son #2,
I rushed outside yesterday,
after a full day of mom duties,
and captured a delightful hour in the last rays
of our soon to be sparse sunshine!
(notice dog Fred enjoyed frolicing under the table!)

In that plastic tub is the last
of my way-too-many-yards
of Freddy Moran's line of fabric
that she did many years ago.
It was called "pure color" by Quilter's Only.
I finished making a bunch of baskets 
to try to make a dent in this part of my stash.

It felt sooooo good to be 
in the sun
listening to the birds and squirrels
gratefully sewing

All this happiness compelled me to make a littlebit.
I pulled out some Terrie Mangat fabric!
It's a shrine to the art of trusting!
Trusting that the universe has our back.

Terrie Mangat is another quilting super hero of mine!
Here's some pics of my way-too-many-yards
of Terrie Mangat fabric!

OOHHH LA LA...Terrie's "fiesta" line...LOVE IT!

There's a lot to love about 
like this new book...

I had a lot of fun sifting through my stash 
to make this lattice quilt 
in hopes of teaching it in the spring.

I leave you with a quote from 
Emily Cier in her book, Scrap Republic,
"Be eccentric. Be crazy. And most important, have fun! It's very liberating!"


  1. Oooh, great fabric! Love those fish!! Nice little baskets you made--all outside--how terrific! Julierose

  2. Ahh, nothing better than sewing outside! I always love your inspirational posts. Your baskets and fabrics are inspiring too!

  3. you always have such fun novelty fabric. always love seeing it.