Saturday, September 28, 2013


 Just in case you thought Mother Nature 
had forgotten about us in the Pacific Northwest...
after months of blue skies and sunshine...

Leaves are falling, 
wind is blowing, 
and two inches of rain has fallen... 
just this Saturday!

Gratitude to Mother Nature
as she created 
a perfect day 
to hunker down
and sew and sew and sew... 

at Calico Creations in Mount Vernon.

Here's my packed up car, with 
more samosa pouches in heart fabric,
cute tote bags filled with ideas and chocolate,
my juki baby,
a bottle of JOY 
(just in case anyone needs help
remembering that quilting is a joyFULL process). 

Today was my Summer Solstice class
a pattern/style of piecing from Karla Alexander.

I made the quilt above as a sample to hang...

and started this quilt as a teaching example.

This is the blue and purple quilt in 
black and white to help show contrast.

The ladies did a great job!

I piece in a very relaxed,
enjoyment as my first objective
which can be very different and
intimidating for some ladies.

Here's a few pics of their work
with a few black and whites
to explore the idea
of making a quilt pop with light/dark contrast.

Just as I am working on 
being in the moments
of my day
realizing there is peace in each moment...

I am teaching/leading fellow quilters
into a style of quilting
that rejoices in what the moments,
IN THE PROCESS of quilting,
are offering...

Opportunities to...
discard "rules",
jump in/out/through/around "the" box,
get in touch with your own quilting muse,
(yes, we all have one!),
and have fun!

Fun? Fun! 
It can be quite different,
almost revolutionary,
from what they are used to!
What a contrast...all in a day!


  1. Such a fun class!!!! Very free-ing!!Thank you Stephanie!
    Hugs Chris

  2. Those are some lucky gals, getting to take the class from you. The quilts look great. I'm sure everyone enjoyed the day fully.

  3. What fabulous quilts - you must be proud of your students Stephanie!