Wednesday, October 2, 2013



Inspiration times two this week!

The first
inspiration came from 
this quilt....

in this book...

I am really enjoying the idea of letting go
of what's on the fabric
and searching out
great contrasting lights and darks.
that's not a totally true statement...
look at those cute people,
or cute birds,
or those peace signs!

Turns out...
there are 
a lot
of blocks to be made!
I have 15/27 Block Cs made...

with more in various stages...

Don't hurt your eyes...
as you glean a peek through the clutter to see...
those ready to be sewn on the left 
and some ready for step #1 on my machine?

Second inspiration came from my friend Judy.
She quilts for Freddy Moran
and had one of Freddy's latest on her design wall!

Yes...pure happy delisiousness!

I ran home and started my own...

Interestingly, in my current art history class, 
at the local community college,
the professor was talking about how 
many artists spent years copying the masters.

This week I am copying Freddy Moran
and what I am realizing is...
the quilt looks so easy and simple
but it is not!

Look closer.
There is so much variety, 
and wonkiness, 
and possibly a lot of
deliberate sutlety going on...

rejoicing in the opportunities to practice!

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  1. OMG......I cant believe you sew in that.. quite the crafty one.. you are.

  2. Yay for orange and yellow -- that is going to be one happy quilt!

  3. Thank you--my room looks much like that when I am inspired, too! I just got that book and am blown away with it--am going to do another quilt in there tho'. (And so the list grows and grows...) I love both of your projects. You make such "happy" it Julierose

  4. I agree with you. Improv is a lot of fun but it takes a little more thought than one would assume! Love them both BTW!

  5. What fun quilts to work on! Improve blocks can be quite time consuming, and very messy! But the results are so interesting and visually entertaining!

  6. Your yellow/orange quilt looks great! Somewhere, I heard that an art teacher said a yellow painting is the hardest one to make. I absolutely LOVE your photo of your sewing area. That's a creative mind at work!

  7. love that Freddy quilt - the colors are amazing. love the whites and hints of blue and pink. it's got a great but subtle color range. lots of contrast. hint hint hint.

  8. love the orange and yellow quilts!
    your sewing room reminds me of mine-organized chaos!

  9. I too love seeing your mess, I don't feel so bad about my piles. More importantly, is that big ol blue ribbon I see. Way to go!!!