Wednesday, October 9, 2013


So much is tied up in the weather.
Trying to take advantage of some great sunny days...
before the inevitable grey gloom and rain begins.
(could it be that the rain is hiding right around the corner?)

It's one of the reasons I think I like quilting so much...
more control over
It's also one of the reasons I was drawn to Freddy Moran...
she often says
quilts can have 1000 colors in them...
just throw in a little black and white, so there is a place for your eye to rest...
and red is neutral.

When the grey officially takes it's stance...
I will be ready with this week's WIP...
a Freddy style collaged burst of happy color goodness!!
(Can you tell I have Freddy on the brain?! 17 days until Freddy is here!)


I had so much fun last week, I feel compelled to hook up again
Sew much fun!


  1. Wow! What could be more fun than this quilt! You can really tell you've been studying with Freddy. You've got the vibrancy with black and white mastered!

  2. I love your landscape photo............hugs, Julierose