Friday, October 25, 2013


It all started 
two good friends,
this fabric, 
and a class with Karen Stone.

This is my finished
"Wild Women Don't Get the Blues"...
from Karen's pattern.

It is my entry into 
the always-so-much-fun
Blogger's Quilt Festival

Karen Stone believes 
great quilts
develop from
attention to 
palette development.

Since I had spent two days of class developing my palette...
and falling in love with each choice,
I wasn't quite ready to stop playing...

Even after quilt #2, "Magnificent Madness",
I was compelled to keep playing!

I had a solid piece of green quilted by itself.
Then I had the want-to-be-hexes quilted individually.

I am still in the process of playing...

sometimes with help from a son and difficult dog Fred!

Treat yourself
to a fabulous quilt show
able to be enjoyed in your jammies with a cuppa tea!


  1. Great quilts! I can see your happy palate and playfulness in both. Congratulations on finishing Magnificent Madness!

  2. So striking! Those octagons are pretty spectacular, too.

  3. Fun, fun, fun!!! What an awesome fabric and fabulous pattern to do at a class. Love the play going on with the bright green. :D

  4. yay, magnificent madness indeed!!!!

  5. Hi Stephanie,
    Thank you for taking time to stopping by my blog.
    I love colorful quilts and yours are really vibrant.
    Have a great day