Sunday, June 22, 2014

LOVE this book!

This quilt keeps popping up 
in my mind
and has recently moved 
to the must-do section.

Besides organizing my fabric,
I have also been organizing all my magazine ripouts.
It gives me a chance to revisit old favorites 
and realize how much my tastes have changed over the years.

Guess what I found today?!

Fabric, magazine ripouts,
found this in a Freddy Moran book!

Now that most of my fabric is too neat to use...
HA!  huh?
It seems only natural that I would gravitate towards the scraps...
right?! (she thought worriedly)

Kathy Doughty's pattern calls for alternating cools and warms...
can't wait to get started this week.

Speaking of fun...
does any one need some scraps?
Send me an email telling me if you would like cools or warms and I will send a baggie off to the first five emails I get...
well, maybe six...
or seven if you are nice!


the winner for the cherry fabric is

and the winner of the Halloween fabric is
Lisa Marie

Thank you to everyone for leaving such wonderful comments! 
"Big" or "small" is was fun
to read about what every one is up to this summer.
LOTS of happy sewing! Whoohoo!!


  1. I love scrappy quilts so would really love some of your warm scraps , thanks for the chance :-)

  2. I love this book and the Greenfields quilt myself. It is on my to do list for sure. I seem to have plenty of warm scraps but not so many cool ones. I would love love love to receive some of yours! And thank you very much! Would love to see your progress.

  3. Congrats to all the winners.Love those colorful quilts.I'd love some of your blues one fabric bag.Thanks thanks!

  4. I love that book, too--want to make that "courthouse step"-type quilt...I am very low on blues and purples--your stash is magnificent ;--)))
    thanks for the opportunity to win some "cool" scraps hugs, Julierose

  5. I am working on a nautical looking quilt, so cool would work for me. Thanks

  6. Hi Stephanie!
    I am still using your black and white scraps I won a few years ago from you!!! I would love either but I will opt for the warm scraps if I win. Love the Freddy Moran quilt! Have a great summer!

  7. I am still drooling over your shelves of fabric, and now all those lovely scraps! If I had a room like that I might never leave it. I'm so excited about winning the Halloween fabric. Thanks a bunch!

  8. Love those scrappy quilt ideas. Looks like you have plenty of fabrics to incorporate too. I love the photo of your amazing studio!

  9. I just ordered Making Quilts from Abe Books. I love scrap quilting so we two were made for each other. Your baggies of scraps looks like what I had when cutting strips for my Perkiomen Daydreams (circa Bonnie Hunter) quilt. Lots of scrap stripping going on.