Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Summer time 
sweet summer time!

While thinking about what
 get to 
do this summer
an insistent whisper said...


"organize the sewing space"



I started quilting in 2001
and since then I have accumulated 
what feels like a small shop worth of fabric
stuffed in boxes, drawers, and numerous piles.


My goal?!

I would like to be able 
to see all my treasure!

Here's my start - 
two new shelves on the right
mess everywhere else.

Here's where I am a week later...
3 1/2 new shelves 
and a slightly smaller mess everywhere else!
I LOVE that I am finally doing this!

I have been interrupting my reorganization time
with frequent  daydreaming lollygagging sewing breaks!

Granny squares!!!

I will be teaching granny squares at Aunt Mary's this summer
We will be using the wonderful Great Granny book by Lori Holt

It's a fun way to use up some of that stash!

Here's the store sample...

Here's my WIP...

I am changing the backgrounds, 
hoping for a giant granny square 
of granny squares!

Gotta love that Kaffe!

Here's to a new week 
in the sumptuous summer
where we get to
enjoy the process!


  1. I just am not able to organize my stash by color for some reason--most of my prints have SO MANY colors in them I guess. I love the way that your room is shaping up. The Granny Squares will be lovely...hugs, Julierose

  2. Thanks for showing you sewing room, I feel so much better. Ha- just kidding. What I feel better about is that my stash always seems like too much to me, but that doesnt stop me from buying fabric. When I see pictures my stash is about on par with everyone elses. You have a very lovely sewing room and all that light- beautiful.

  3. Looking good Stephanie! Such pretty fabrics.

  4. Such beautiful fabrics and looks fabulous!

  5. Good job on the organization. Love how pretty your shelving looks with all that gorgeous fabric! This post reminds me that I desperately need to organize my fabric and sewing paraphernalia this summer.